10 famous streets in London

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As London is renowned for its many attractions and attractions, it is home to numerous street names whose names are known throughout the world. Whether by renowned shopping facilities, stage theaters, fiction or some rooms, there are streets that always attract visitors to London.

1, The Mall

As one of London's most famous streets, it is one of the most popular attractions that lead to the most famous sights. The shopping center is the section that leads from Trafalgar Square to the world-famous Buckingham Palace. It was originally built on Lord Nelson's 1805 Trafalgar Battle Victory, these days The Mall is most famous as the ending line of the London Marathon and the annual Trooping the Color ceremony.

2, Whitehall

In Whitehall, the House of Parliaments in Westminster is an iconic road section. The thought-provoking Cenotaph Monument, which becomes the centerpiece of each November Great Britain Annual Memorial Day, will lead to a more prominent street.

3, Downing Street

One of the most respected street names in Europe in Downing Street is the Prime Minister's No. 10 headquarters, and in his right hand the Finance Minister is number 11. Unfortunately, you can not walk on the street, since the public has been protecting the prime minister since 1989 from potential terrorist attacks.

4, Knightsbridge

Another thing that London is incredibly well-known for shopping, and there are so many streets whose names are completely related to exclusive stores. London's most famous shop, of course, is Harrods, located at Knightsbridge, perhaps the city's most expensive shopping street. Harrods is really the highlight of London's shopping.

5, Regent Street

Harrods is not the only well-known name in the city, Regent Street's famous Hamley opened in 1981 as the world's largest play shop and Piccadilly Fortnum and Mason have another household name .

6, Saville Row

Other places, Kensington High Street and Sloane Street, the famous tailors along Savile Row, and the gorgeous hotels and shining car showrooms at Park Lane.

7, Portobello Road

Oxford Street is a bit more affordable while Portobello Road is located in Notting Hill on the legendary Portobello market where you can buy anything from clothing to antiques. If you are looking for fashion, Carnaby Street has attracted visitors from the 1960s, while the Beach is home to the London Fashion Week every year.

8, The Strand

The Strand in London's Royal Court Justice and the Savoy Theater, which in 1881 was the first public building to use the electric light. Another theater that has a great reputation for an event is the Haymarket Her Majesty's Theater, which was tricked in 1984 when the very popular British comedian Tommy Cooper literally died on stage after having suffered a heart attack in the middle of the show on a live television

9, Abbey Road

Of course, one of the most famous albums ever recorded, is named after a London street. The Beatles Abbey Road album is named after the St John's Wood Band studio studio where Liverpudlian Megastars recorded out of their albums. The iconic albacore on which the zebra crossing band is visible has also been photographed here and has been awarded the crossing since then.

10, Fleet Street

In the fictional world, Fleet Street is also known as the home of many important newspapers, Sweeney Todd's "demonic barber", who operated the weird barbershop on the street. But the most famous fictitious residents in London are undoubtedly Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's investigator Sherlock Holmes, who lives in 221b Baker Street, North London.

So, next time you walk in London's streets, listen to the signs. You never know that you are only in a small historical past.

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