2EZ Single Wheel – Product Testing

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Somehow he noticed that many cars and trucks in the front wheel look better than the rear wheels. This is caused by the accumulation of brake pads that break the wheel and bake in the finish. In time, if not maintained, all the wheels will be dirty and boring. If left on the wheel, corrosion stops and eventually destroys the appearance of the wheels.

With the 1957 Chevrolet, the US Racing "Hopster" with unique aluminum wheels uses 2EZ polishing. 2EZ Polishing is a polishing that works great on aluminum special wheels on diamond surface surfaces, such as storage boxes and treadmills. Stainless steel, chrome plated, brass, copper, silver and gold work well. Really full metal polishing. 2EZ consists of Polish quality polymers that protect and assist oxidation while leaving a beautiful weather-resistant light.

The best way to protect your wheels without damage to the protective cover is often washable with a mild detergent or car wash solution such as Mothers California Gold Car Wash to avoid dehydration of water splashes. Then apply the 2EZ polish to the long service life!

Apply 2EZ polisher with a terry towel to a small area. Rub it manually until the towel is black and the surface of the wheel looks smooth. Then wipe it with a clean, dry terry towel. Only use a mild detergent to follow up. It is completely dry after washing. Avoid gentle cleansers, acid cleaners, and tire on individual aluminum wheels. If you use 2EZ on a regular basis, your wheels are conditioned and polishing becomes much easier

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