3 Popular Wallet Purse Materials

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Wallets are made of a variety of materials. Skin is generally regarded as the best material. It is a material that is highly valued, soft and durable. However, there are also options that are practical in different situations. Let's take a look at some of the most commonly used wallet materials:


Leather is the most common material that creates an elegant and durable wallet with long-term possibilities. In addition, many skin types are considered.

Cowhide leather – this is the most popular choice for men's wallets. It's great looking and extremely durable. However, the quality of the cowhide can vary considerably, so there is a risk of buying a wallet that does not feel very smooth or luxurious. Veal or similar soft skin gives the brightest feeling.

Alligator skin – this is a type of skin with a very distinctive pattern. Handmade wallet craftsmanship and quality are extremely attractive and stylish. But there are a lot of false versions of alligator skin products, so we need to be careful to ensure that you buy the real thing.


Cotton is a popular material for wallets. In terms of functionality and appearance, they can vary widely. One of the most satisfying aspects is the infinite variety of colors, which is very easy to align a dress or custom style. However, this material is not as hard as the skin and there is a risk that the wallet may be worn out of everyday use, such as stretching from tight pockets.

There are plenty of top quality fashion designers who are beginning to create fabric wallets. This has affected the market and now these wallets are much more attractive to the fashionable consumer.


Synthetic wallets are versatile and can be made with interesting, fun and colorful designs. It may look stylish, like cotton or leather. This gives the opportunity to a much cheaper wallet that is still able to really resemble the look you want. Synthetic wallets are also highly custom designed and can be made with random materials such as old tires and seat belts. Despite the fact that this type of purse does not have the real look of genuine leather, it still offers an excellent opportunity in an adventurous environment.

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