3 unique ways to drive traffic to your store, mall, or shopping mall

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With the weak economy, it's more important than ever to get people into the store. If you believe the statistics, many people just do not plan to spend money. How to attract people to the store and put them in the mood to buy, helping them feel good about coming? There are three ways to solve this challenge:

  1. Offer a workshop or seminar that provides information on: * Developing a child or a creativity of a granddaughter * Encouraging a child to read, write, draw, and math * How to find extra income by retirement as self-employed .
  2. Invite people to bring their children to the store to record a story or book for a remote parent or grandparent, or even a fighter outfitted overseas.
  3. Invite people to come in and record a story or a book so that children can listen to it, even if they are away from business, live in a distant city or armed forces, or even in combat areas.

Of course, there are potential problems. One is performance. You have to make sure you can meet your customers' expectations. The second is the cost. How can you do this without spending much money? We answer both questions if you want to find a partner with an existing product or service that can be implemented. For workshops or seminars, the company usually sells a product or service or offers a product or service in the store.

Of course you can always develop your own seminar workshops and services, but it will take time. It is better to invest your time into a core business. Whatever you decide, keep in mind the goal – to get people who do not usually go to the store and feel comfortable in spending money. In difficult times, a creative approach can only work better than the surplus of printed or radio ads.

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