4 Festive marketing ideas for car dealerships

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The weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas are extremely important for annual sales in many industries, including automotive sales. Potential customers are buying more heavily than in the rest of the year, so larger car dealerships are more public in the market. The holiday shopping masses are also "shopping" and not just for friends and family, but often for themselves. Customers who have more free holiday capital can more easily persuade them to handle a new car than in other periods of the year. Whether customers buy new cars for them is a special treat or a perfect gift for the whole family, the holiday season is good for car manufacturers to increase sales.

To help your car dealer need a solid marketing plan! Thanksgiving and Christmas gifts offer fun, fresh ways to promote vehicles and special offers to be creative. The more unique the marketing strategies are, the more successful they will be.

These four holiday marketing ideas are a great way to start the car sales season's holiday season.

1) Celebrate it! Show the dealer's festive spirit to showcase the floor and the clean, inviting and festive. Nothing attracts the eye like bright Christmas decorations. Buy a 20 "Douglas tree, put it in the center of the outdoor lot and decorate it with bright white lights, decorations and decorations, make fresh curls, red bows, and lanterns from the building blocks and light columns, and serve hot chocolate on the show floor. your man who is willing and able to fully cover the exterior of your trade and your inner space is renting an ornamenter who has come and will do it. Show potential customers whose traders are in the festive spirit and the show-floor is irresistible

2) "12 Days of Christmas Holidays" Everyone loves it – so why not pack up 12 fantastic vehicles to a Christmas themed event instead of being an independent celebration event 12-day Christmas you can run shopping and have a light day , which offers other types of sales. Start smaller incentives and older vehicle models and continue with the "Twelfth Christmas Day" with larger stores, ending with a big finale!

3) Be Creative with Holiday Related Direct Mail Christmas does not have time to send the same old postcards. Send your direct mailbox to a small holiday cheerleading with authentic Christmas cards or present-shaped bow-cards. Drop some "merchant cash" to send an extra cheerful message.

4) Run a community media plan. Compete for a major% discount or a gift fee (if the applicant's pool is large enough). Ask people to connect you in a certain way: Get them in a photo, tweet or video about "Everything I want for Christmas" and then ask them to send their answers on the Facebook wall of the store or chat with a particular hashtag . Whatever your competition, be sure to create a specific landing page on your site (or Facebook event), which outlines the details of the tournament – by connecting your social media associates.

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