7 Best Practices for Product Review Websites

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In the vast sea of ​​the internet there is plenty of product review pages, but if we find one that is unbiased and integrity, it can be like finding a common needle in a haystack.

Consumers are bombarded with information and it may be difficult to tap good knots from other debris. Here are some guidelines that trusted sites use industry best practices on product review sites:

1. Do you have an explanation of how the reviewer prepares product reviews? An integrity checklist is a great element when the site details how products are viewed – what they are looking for, how they value the product, and whether they are buying the products or using the review instances. This should be fully publicized and easily accessible (not visible at the bottom of the footer, hoping the consumer will not find it.)

Is There a About Us? This is a critical element to look for. Many "critics" are hiding in anonymity and never really sure who runs the site – or what's on their agenda! The honest product overview page is a great trademark of transparency. If the reviewer identifies himself and gives some background to why the site was built.

3. Is there an FTC disclosure and is properly present? Product review pages that use affiliate links in the United States must match Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requirements by displaying FTC's publication. This must be clearly visible on your site without clicking on another page. You also need to display the "fold", that is, the top half of the web page, so the reader does not have to scroll down to find it.

4. Review Web site addresses other consumer or marketing information or just reviews A consumer site focuses on consumer needs and interests. Well-known product overview pages generally contain additional advice and practical information in addition to reviews – not just products that are "reviewed".

5. Does the site have a privacy statement? As a consumer, you have the right to know how your personal information and IP address is used. The reputable sites have the necessary privacy page detailing how to use the information.

6. Is there a mixture of positive and negative opinions? Authentic, unbiased product review pages contain positive and negative reviews. Watch out for sites that only suggest that each product you're reviewing or just one-site-based web sites. The respected review site should be consumer-oriented and scary to scan products that are not satisfying the needs of the public.

7. Do the reviewers buy the products for themselves? While there are reliable accounts that can objectively evaluate a free copy of a product without becoming biased, the mere fact that they have been freely received undermines the appearance of objectivity. Customers who purchase their own products may remain lenses and the product can be accountable to ordinary consumers.

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