9 most common engraving errors and misunderstandings on engraving

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Mistakenly Wrong Name – Always check the spelling of the names. Do not rely on your memory. So many names have different spellings. Example: Terry or Teri or Terrie, and beyond and beyond.

Wrong Date – This is the same as Error No. 1. Always enter before typing. Remember, engraving can not be canceled

Engraving is like printing – Bad! Engraving, diamonds are used to lift the surface like a farmer. Or lasers are used to incinerate the surface of the engraving material. There is no ink in the engraving process on the surface. Note: There are other engraving processes, but diamond pulling and laser are the most common.

All metal surfaces can be engraved – The answer is not. The intricate metal surface is almost impossible to see engraving. The roughness compete with engraving. In addition, many metal surfaces, in particular giftware, are included. Most coated surfaces are OK OK. Once in a while after bad plating. Bad coating is only indicated when it is engraved. The wrong place, the surface is pulled up. This only occurs in 5% of the time.

Assuming what actually can not be engraved – We all gave gifts a prize just to say "can not be engraved". They suggest no one can engrave it. In reality – they can not get in. It is often engraved by another company. One of the great examples of the lessons. The production likes to place any mark on the back so there is almost no room for engraving. This is how we circulate in a curve, often at the edge.

Engraving is too expensive – Yes, too expensive – if you take it to a jewelry store. Most jewelery shops do not engrave. Senders. The jewelery and the chisel should both get profits. Best for engraving first. Saves money. Moreover, all his concerns can be given directly to the engraver and not transmitted from the jeweler's notes.

Lack of engraving options – Most small-priced and engraving places are limited. Do your research. Ask us what the engraving option is for engraving work. Get a recommendation from engraving customers. If they do not, continue to look for the seamstress.

Something Something Grabbed Sometimes – Yeah, if you take it to a jewelry store. They have to send it and the time will come. If you take the engraving work directly to a chisel, cut off the delivery time between the jeweler and the chisel (both directions). Directly dealing!

Objectionable and re-stacked – Answer (yes and no). Solid metals, such as gold or silver, can be cut and re-engraved. But most jewelry and souvenirs are included. When it is screwed, the coated surface is removed and the metal core is poured. The piece was ruined. Gold pieces that are solid gold will be stamped in 10kt, 14kt, etc. silver will be stamped Sterling Silver. These elements can be pulled out and re-engraved. Almost everything else can not be pulled out. Another trick to tell if the price of the item can be pulled. If cheap – Plated. If you are expensive, you are more likely to have solid metal and can be cut and re-engraved.

The goal is to have a positive experience of writing gifts or prizes. A little knowledge can increase your odds of success. Happy engraving!

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