Abu Garcia Revo SX Spinning Reel – Product overview

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Fishing is a favorite pastime for many people. It is still a serious sport, and many live as professional fishermen. Recreational fishing is really very relaxing, and the feeling you get when you finally catch a fish is indescribably wonderful. That's exactly why more and more people love their vacation on the fishing trails. The two most important tools of sport are the bars and rolls. The fishing hook is used to release and eliminate the fishing surface and is available in a variety of types, one of which is the rotary sword. If you are looking for the best rotating disc on the market, consider an Abu Garcia Revo SX. This spider is popular among fishermen's fans with good quality and high precision.

Abu Garcia is one of the leading manufacturers of high performance fishing gear. This Swedish-based brand has been entrusted to generations of professional professionals and considered the best in the world. As one of the Abu Garcia Revo rotary swing series, the Revo SX has received many positive feedback from both experts and users. Like other Abu Garcia rolls, this high-quality low-profile rudder is made of corrosion-resistant X-Cräftic aluminum that is lighter and more durable than regular aluminum.

This spindle has eleven high-performance, corrosion-resistant bearings from the revolutionary Infini II spool design, which ensures smooth casting and spacing for the ultimate fishing experience. The 24 pound carbon matrix draw system provides smooth dragging and is significantly stronger than the other coils of the same class. The roll is available in both right and left hand and in two gears: the 6.4: 1 version and the high speed 7.1: 1 version. Other Features: Linear Magnetic Brake System and Duragear Brass Gears

The Abu Garcia Revo SX comes in four models: Revo SX, Revo SX-L, Revo SX-HS and Revo SX-HS-L. You can even get exclusive offers if you buy the coil from Abu Garcia's official website. They all offer the same rotor load and weight, but differ in gear and maximum pull. Coil lifetime warranty. Prices start at $ 169.95; prices are the same for all models and may differ between retailers. The price is fairly expensive, so this spindle offers more experienced fishermen than amateur fishermen.

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