Advantages and disadvantages of fashion

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Fashion can be combined with almost every part of our lives. As far as the question is concerned, we look at something that sometimes means the same thing that society accepts or just a certain group of people. We are not aware of wearing the same clothes as others, not just to look good, but to love more than others. OK?

Fashion is a great way to become a part of a particular ethnic group. If someone looks at our dress and admires them, we are more and more confident and, most importantly, they have noticed us and people are like us. Especially when the dresses are in an elegant and stylish style.

Fashion has a good effect on the mood is almost obvious. The joy we feel when we look good and wear quality and fashionable clothes is huge. This makes it more confident and we feel better in a lot of stressful situations. We can name the wedding, interview, or even engagement. Some appearance standards that we are part of can bring us a good position.

So we have so many advantages to fashion. But are there any disadvantages? Like most in life, nothing can be ideal, the same fashion. The same reasons that make fashion in our good life are things that can lead to the break-up of society. If you want to impress people who are looking blindly or just talk to them, then there might be a problem here.

"Do not judge the book with the cover" you want to add here. If people are the only way to judge them for their appearance and trendy outfits, then fashion is a misunderstanding. But if it just looks good and fashion is our hobby, we have to go!

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