Aerus air purifier overview and analysis of numerical elements

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Aerus Holdings LLC is a Texas-based company. It owns 9 companies, many of which contain air purifying products. 4 models are delivered under the brand name of Aerus Company. Aerus technology uses HEPA standard filtration, carbon filtration, ionization and photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) in air filter systems. These air filter systems change the air in one room for seven to nine times per hour. This is obviously one of the outstanding features of these systems. To reduce the particle emission level to help asthma sufferers, the cleanser should change the air at least 5 times.

Aerus cleaners are within 100-2000 square meters. Their commercial product is 2500 square meters. We only collected enough data for the analysis of AQ 1000 and Lux ​​Guardian, which is estimated to be 26 to 35 cents / sq. Per year. These estimates are based on the costs of ten years. The cost of 3,000 square meters of floor covering with these air purifiers ranges from $ 7848.98 to $ 10585.89 in 10 years

These Aerus systems are very effective for particle removal and deliver quality filters. The Lux Guardian offers the best cost-benefit as it combines most air purification technologies and uses the lowest cost per square meter. Aerus does not provide the same guarantee for all air purifiers. Some Aerus systems are only a one-year warranty. Others, with some exceptions, undertake a 5-year guarantee. For example, some Aerus cleaners have a 5yr warranty on the engine and fan, but only one-year warranty on all other parts. Certain systems for which the Aerus warranty is guaranteed for a year may, under certain conditions, be extended to a 5-year warranty. If you want to buy an Aerus cleaner, you should seek advice from your company regarding the warranty.

Aerus air cleaners are on average compared to the available options on the market. They provide excellent filtering power and conform to HEPA standards, but are average for the cost per square meter. These air purifiers will certainly satisfy the customers, but not those we consider to be one of the best purchases on the market. However, these air purifiers are a valuable niche because they are quality products that meet the needs of some asthma and allergic patients.

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