Amazon product reviews, what do they mean?

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People often ignore Amazon's criticism because they are not relevant – I know in the past I thought it was cruel. It is certain that prospective visitors will not be able to impress one of their ways – though star rating for Amazon is important.


Well, because of Amazon's mysterious and omnipotent algorithm. How exactly it works, I have no idea, but the simple fact is that once a product enters the system and starts recommending, more sales are made.

I actually read that all less than 4 stars recommend & # 39; It is not recommended & # 39; the Amazon algorithm so that the product does not select "# recommendations in the Amazon formulas." 1 or 2 star ratings can really be damaging to the business, so every person who values ​​the weakness is really thinking about the business and the product and whether the business really worked hard for the business or simply made a mistake to arrange it with them.

To be honest, before I read, I did not think too much of Amazon's algorithms, obviously I knew that it has existed and was useful although I was not aware of how important it was.

Why am I worried about this? Well, because there is a product on Amazon that we have worked very hard in design and manufacturing, to handle and try to ensure that all our consumers are very satisfied with the products get value from the product and the service. And so far, all of our customers were very satisfied and left some great insecurities. We would like to make sure that by mistake the consumer is not happy with the purchase, you will surely be able to contact us through any channel, such as by phone, email, or through any of our social network branches, so that we have the opportunity to best serve them before submitting an opinion.

So exactly what does all this mean? This, think or not, Amazon reviews are really big issues. It's scary to think that a very good product can suddenly stop selling with a fingerprint, but how it can happen.

So, to evaluate and gain value on any purchased product, tell your friends or discuss it on a blog site or on Facebook or Twitter or anything else while also considering publishing a quick review on Amazon. The more 5 and 4-star recommendations, the greater the possibility that the product can reach another audience.

If you feel you have to make a less-rated rating, that's definitely okay. I'm not trying to stop anyone from publishing a low-rating opinion. I bought some of the products that I did not use to a great extent and I gave them a few stars a little bit. But I know these can be damaging, so I personally do not post negative reviews on Amazo until the deal was honest with me when I bought it.

In reality, I plan to try to start publishing more recommendations on Amazon for the products I really enjoy and appreciate. If I wanted the product to do so well enough to do so at Amazon, it might help sell a few more products to the store. And is not it really beneficial for everyone?

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