An Unpaid, Unbiased Review of the Average Guy Against the NuWave Oven on Flavor Wave Oven

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Note that if you do not have a lot of time or you do not want the whole story, you can skip down the bottom line.


I eat a lot, in fact, I did too much, and I knew she left. I know it's more economical and mostly better to eat at home, but my challenge is not having much time – and we have to face it, I do not want to work so hard to get food. Like most guys I do not like cooking, I just want food.

The trouble is that the chicken, meat, sandwiches, pizza, etc. were not so good for the cooking utensils in the house. the microwave is fast but the food is gum (and not well fleshy). The oven was too long to go, I did not see the food when it was there, and it was just not so practical to turn on some chicken meat. So, there is my problem: I know it's better to eat at home, but I have no equipment to cook my food I like.

A few months ago I published ads on television with NuWave and Flavour Wave Furnaces. Probably I was skeptical about advertising, while the infomercials who are nowadays are comical, I have found many that they are not so unfair, but not really the whole truth. For example, I bought a Magic Bullet a year ago, all honesty is fine, but I still see ads run on TV and I noticed that the gizmo's tone was toned or silenced when it ran – it almost sounds whisper. Magic Bullet is anything but a silent whisper, that's what I'm not telling the whole truth. In the bottom line, you have to be careful about ordering television infomercials. [Nu] NuWave Versus Flavor Wave Ovens:

Well, we waited a while before we pulled the trigger in one of these ovens. I spent a couple of hours reading online reviews (where I found them) and found that both NuWave and Flavor Wave Ovens contained good reviews and bad reviews. The worst reviews are bad customer service, durability problems and the inability to help when / when the oven broke. I've been in my oven for a month and so far, it works well, so I'm not sure whether these negative feedbacks are true or not – I do not know. What I can tell you is that I looked at both the NuWave and the Flavor Wave furnaces, and I just decided to go with NuWave because I could set it for a minute (the Flavour Wave I do not think is capable of) and to some culinary approval seal. In addition to these two things, I did not see much difference between the two products; in fact even prices were roughly the same. There is a great chance that the Flavor Wave Oven is a quality product, as I did not buy one I can not say, the rest of the article is about my experience with NuWave Oven.

Order NuWave Oven:

I order a lot of products online so I know the process. NuWave has a fairly simple ordering system, but the first 2 times did not work in my information, the third time the order actually went through. When you order the appliance, they try to buy more items – I've passed each one. You can even buy a black oven – for $ 20 more … silly, why pay more black? They also offer a personalized carrying case for the oven, I did not personally see it as an iPod, but who knows maybe others like the oven wherever they go. A final point on your order, if you decide to buy the oven by showing payments, you will need more weeks to get to you than if you made just one payment – you were almost punished for a pay … although the web the calls are called scattered on the site, "they only have 3 easy payments for $ 39.99 plus s & h." I made a one-time payment that was not a big deal, I just loved it so much that it seems so welcome to buy the payment plan and then hold it until the end of the order process. It's just a way for them to put all their money in front. Oh, back to the product …

Receiving the NuWave Oven:

The oven is nicely packed. It was able to unpack the content in a matter of minutes and was easy and fairly self-explanatory to set up. Their laminate cooking instructions were weak and somewhat confused and contained many recipe cards that I could not take advantage of. I also think that he came with DVD or something else, but he immediately discarded – I want to cook, I do not watch DVDs. In any case, after assembling the oven, I thought I'd try it and I'm surprised it worked! In this case, I first bought a litter sandwich when I used it for the first time (the rack was too close to the heater) but when I found out how long I had left the food I quickly cut off this problem.

While I did not cook a wide variety of dishes in the oven, I used a lot because I bought it, in fact, neither me nor my bride did go so much for the meal. The tiny sandwiches and pizzas in which I cook are crunchy outside and inside plaster, and the chicken is nice and juicy.

Complete cleaning is very easy. In the lower part, I place an aluminum foil that catches something spilled or spilled from the food. When I finish cooking, I just throw the foil into the trash can if it's messy. The metal grid is approx. It takes 2-3 minutes to clean after chicken but is not terribly difficult to clean. Apart from that, I have to wipe the lid very often, but that's it. For a guy who does not like cleaning after a meal, this oven is perfect.

Bottom Line:

  • Installation works quickly and easily, and the operation was quite self-explanatory – approx. I cooked in the oven for 10 minutes.
  • No baked foods in the oven but
  • The oven works quietly and efficiently (most of the items are ready in 15 minutes)
  • The cover is a little bulky or difficult for toddlers and the elderly … though maybe should not be used. Anyone else, that's a breeze.
  • I accidentally exploded my arm and burned myself on the metal grid and took the food out of the oven. It was not so great in the store; Now I've learned that you have to be careful when removing food from the oven. I believe that the truss design would be a bit better, but with all sincerity I should pay more attention to what I do.
  • Not sure about the durability of the oven, I guess we'll see how it keeps up. Mine is only a few months old.

So the most important to me:

Do I buy the NuWave Oven, knowing what I can now do? Yes.

Would I recommend the NuWave Oven to friends and family? Yes.

Because of my situation it was a good buy, it was good money.

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