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Now I know about Arbonne's bankruptcy, and the news is very sad. I was a representative of Arbonne for 3 years and not just wonderful things about the company, the management, and the Arbonne products that are still being used.

Like a former insider, I want to capture what would have been wrong. History can play an important role in choosing the right path to the future, and this information provides some insight into the search for home businesses.

While an Arbonne representative, I made the most amazing friends who participated in great personal growth and had a total explosion engaging conventions and meetings with other loving, like-minded women. So why should I ask if I would ever leave such a great company?

In a nutshell, I created a much bigger debt for this business than income. What about the issue of Arbonne's bankruptcy.

I believe that the underlying causes that have left my business can be attributed to the Arbonne bankruptcy problem


  • Yeah, you get what you pay for. Arbonne's products are of the highest quality, produce visible results and have health benefits that are admirable. Unfortunately, the products are very expensive. My personal experience was that many potential customers were not or are not willing to pay for the high-priced price. Waiting forwards at this point in time where many people are forced to reduce the luxury of their budgets. Yes, we all want to look the best, but when we get pressured, we need more priorities that require financial resources.
  • Arbonne's main marketing plan includes the use of policies. Yes, many of these parties are successful, and I'm sure there are some who enjoy this kind of thing, but it's tough to sell. The Arbonne bankruptcy was very much accelerated by the fact that people simply do not have much free time and do not want to pressure them to spend money they do not spend.
  • Arbonne's products can be consumed, one of the qualities they rely on to increase sales. If you run out of the eyeball, you buy more, right? Another selling feature for these products is that they last for a long time. The anti-aging skin care kit, the most important product of Arbonne, lasts six months when used twice a day. From the viewpoint of an Arbonne consultant, this downturn is that repeated sales often do not occur. If you do not have a huge customer base or even better downline with great customer base, it's difficult to make money.
  • Arbonne Consultants have a minimum of autoship orders of $ 100 per month. For those who do not make a lot of sales, this can result in financial burdens and too much downsizing, which is fairly short-lived. This might be one of the biggest reasons for the great dropout rate that was a factor in Arbonne's bankruptcy.
  • I do not mind Arbonne, and I repeat, I love the Society, leadership and their products. The chairman of the company, Rita Davenport, publicly commented on the Arbonne advisers, assuring them that the Company is strong and that the bankruptcy of Arbonne eventually strengthens the Company.

    I really hope this is a precise representation of Arbonne's future. Only time will tell.

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