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Ardyss International was launched in 1989 in Mexico. In May 2007 it became a network marketing company, and since then, Ardyss has shown a huge growth in sales of its products, including Ardyss Body Magic reorganization.

The Ardyss Body Magic dress was designed by an orthopedic surgeon. There are many health benefits for women. This is an improved and restructured corsage that was previously used to reduce waist and depict the female figure.

This product is very effective in transforming the body, reducing up to three garments while accelerating weight loss. Ardyss Body Magic means the so-called "Lipo Transportation", which means taking a woman's fat tissue and moving it from where she needs to be in her body. There are only two women in the world who need fat tissue, these are the breasts and their nipples.

Body Magic offers exceptional opportunities for every woman to better look and feel better about her body. This dress is ideal at times when women want to fit in a "special" dress that is no longer particularly special when it comes to extra weight. It helps any woman with the perfect shape she always wants.

Body Magic is a perfect complement to body shaping. This is unique as it can immediately reduce the size of the 2-3 women's clothing in a few minutes due to the fat redistribution process.

This dress is also ideal for the care of the female bone system as it promotes the correct posture of the spinal column. Not only does a woman look slimmer, her body is aesthetic and feminine.

Ardyss Body Magic was originally designed to help obese women shape their shape by forming their body during the weight loss process. Size reduction, body shaping and proper posture give everyone a great look and feel.

The dressing also displays a breast lift. She lowers her waist, raises her and finds the females' bottoms and puts them in the right anatomical position for a proper operation and the results get faint. This dynamic body recycler gets rid of love handles, back pain, and underarm fat, giving you a smoother, more feminine shape.

Ardyss Body Magic is designed to put pressure on the abdomen and promote fat accumulation in the abdomen. This makes it an instant scent appearance!

When most think of the "corset", they think of some tightness and discomfort. However, this body reshaper gives the caster incredible converter results without inconvenience. As it improves the correct posture and improves blood circulation, it improves physical activity results. It is therefore as safe and comfortable as the sports bra.

Transformation results obtained with Body Magic are comparable to liposculpture but without the pain of surgery. Excessive pressure causes your body to go through the garment, fat distribution helps the back area of ​​the back, abdomen, the bottom and the thigh.

The woman wearing the dress finds it increases the performance of the internal organs in the abdominal cavity. This is because they are located where they should go in the body and restore the lost pressure, improving their function.

By recycling the body, women have been testing greater self-esteem, health, weight loss and lifestyle. The Ardyss Body Magic provides instant fungus, mammary gland, rounded, full-bodied cramps and great posture. Any diet, exercise, pills or surgery!

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