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I know that it is really really looking really good at showing the new shades – stop it! Wear a helmet!

Okay, so is my soap dispenser, and now we get the business.

There are many things to choose from when choosing a helmet; In this guide we will cover the basics that we are going to go.

First, look for a helmet that is "off-road" – a common motorcycle helmet provides security but does not give some of the special helmet for the ATV.

Secondly, make sure the helmet is comfortable – I know the security helmet is the first thing to be safe; but comfort is there. Check these things by comparing the level of comfort: make a point if you have enough cushions, check for a good gasket around your ear (do not touch the ear), make sure there is a neck wrap that is in the neck the rear part of the body or the protruding attachment on the helmet.

And then it's a big one, make sure the helmet is DOT or Snell. It's simple if the helmet is not certified – do not bother.

You may also be caught in the store and have two security helmets and you simply can not pick … Get the most EPS. EPS is a hard-shell lining inside the helmet that actually absorbs the shock effect. Manufacturers simply make the minimum, but there are some that go beyond it, so keep that in mind.

Finally, if you have a face shield (and why not?), Make sure you meet the VESC-8 or ANSI Z-87 standards and make sure the face shield does not distort your view or flop after you opened.

Final note: Helmets are worsening, so they have an old helmet (or an accident because they're used for one-off) – get a new one.

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