Bandanas: Trivia, History and Fashion

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Ribbons are garments that are either square or triangular and then folded on the body. They come in many colors, mainly in a vibrant color, red, blue, green, yellow, black, in white. The dress is tied around the neck or head. Modern uses serve a number of decorative purposes while historical uses in fact provide more protection than fashion. The word Bandana comes from a Hindi terminus, that is, it binds.

Records are recognized by cowboys wearing western films. However, they are usually used by pirates, farmers and rail engineers. The main purpose was to use them to remove sweat from the face surface and keep the dust away from the collar.

In modern times bandanas are the symbol of identity. A well-known example is bandanas used by gangs. The blood is red and the Crips wear blue ribbons. Colors represent the relationship without the need for personal interaction with members of the band. However, just because someone can wear a bandana does not mean they are hoodlums or gang members. It's a fact that many people wear them, just because they are fun and useful.

Individuals wearing lots of helmets find it useful and the bandana is a barrier to skin and hair protection. Bandanas come in all kinds of styles and colors. There are those built into water bubbles that can be cooled in the refrigerator to ensure that the wearer is cold on hot summer days. Pets, most often dogs are often dressed in sweaters that suit their owners, so it is easy to tell which dog belongs to the owners of the dog park.

For costumes and uniforms, bandana is one of the most common accessories. From western cowboys to hip hop stars, bandana uses not only generations of the time, but also generations of people.

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