Bellamora Product Review – Anti-Aging, removes dents, wrinkles, fine lines immediately and lasts?

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This article is about products from Bellamora International that are producing newsletters on the Web. You will learn the history of the products and the target market.

Let's start by learning what's so tempting about Bellamora. It really revolutionizes the beauty industry. Is the timing right to help build a fortune? If so, please enter and hold the site during pre-launch and also send free samples.

Beauty and skin care products have a huge market. Bellamora is trying to get into a $ 300 billion market with a proven product that gives immediate results. They claim that wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots will go away in less than 10 minutes and will have lasting results. If this is true and if the products do not fill with harmful chemicals, this company can hardly compete with current beauty and skin care giants, most of which are in the network marketing world.

The company is only boasting that they are the only company that offers distributors free wires. They have a huge compensation plan, very similar to the Monavie Compensation Plan, and is definitely ground floor option, as it is currently in the pipeline.

Hurry up and hold your seat, enter the following people. You will hear this on their video. Register for free, keep your space free and receive free samples in the email. There is a replicated website that encourages people to send the opportunity through Facebook and Twitter.

You have a virtual office on the site where distributors can sign in and check their stats. They can also online registration to keep the site free and you can really join on January 15, 2011. Some of the values ​​that talk about the video are God, family, business, honesty, integrity, hard work, leadership, teamwork, friendship, entrepreneurial spirit, continuous self-development, recognition and dream, just to name a few. Product Background

The product that started everything was a burning cream that a dr. Bruce Miller, a chiropractor. Improved in 24 years. Dr. Bruce Miller experienced severe burns with warm water and applied the burning cream to his face, neck and chest before going to hospital. Six days later, when the doctor removed the bandage, he was astonished that he did not see the burn. The burns are completely healed.

After 15 days there is no sign of his body burning. There are graphic photos of burns and results 6 and 15 days later on the video on the reproduced website.

This product was born and inspired by the patented cremation cream. It has an exclusive patent and has a transdermal effect. It leads to deep layers of skin. The new fountain of youth. It removes age spots, skin patches, wrinkles, skin tones and fine lines. Proven to provide a healthier look. This could be a big slice in the $ 300 billion industry. Rich women pay for $ 1,000 for 1.7 oz. In La Praire Cellular Creme. Thousands of botax and invasive surgeries and anti-aging procedures are paid.

The 5-piece skin care system is available for $ 199. Sales costs $ 119. The preferred customer cost is $ 159.

All you have to do is send people to your replicated site, watch videos, and almost everyone says yes. There is something that will make money when you sleep. Right? Bad! This is not how it works. Certainly some will join a totally alien, though many people like me will hunt for a leader who uses a proven system and explodes with proven technique in their teams.

No matter what needs to work. To sell and recruit. It's certainly nice to have a web site and help you make some video footage, but you have to sign up and get quality traffic to your site.

It looks like a good product and it's good that there's a replicated website, a big compensation plan that's almost the same as Monavie and gives you free lead. If the product is so wonderful you will not have to sell it. However, you still have to attract and teach others to recruit and market your product.

The failure network rate for a network marketing company is 95%, because non-educated people are less educated. You must have a driving system.

Join the world's fastest growing management team and use their system to develop team leaders. You can use the leadership principles of any team at any network marketing company or any MLM.

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