Best Christmas Day

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Big shopping days are Friday after Thanksgiving, after Christmas and New Year's Eve.

New Year's Day is the day when women and their husbands are looking at another zillion football game. They cost, spend, and spend.

The problem between everyday and Thanksgiving and Christmas is that we have a zillion client in our stores. In order to get there, their cars are confused with their car. Officials are preparing for death. When they come home at night, they say, "Oh my foot, my foot!"

The best day for Christmas shopping is the day when the shops are full of new Christmas items that have not been redirected yet.

There are a lot of clerk in a smile.

The notaries are joking with you, helping you find the right set of earrings for all twenty-three grandchildren, binoculars for your nine grandchildren, a stuffed lion to your granddaughter, books for your children and spouses, and the officers say, "Have a nice thank you, can we help the car?"

You made up the day now, did not you?

How many people said, "Christmas Eve Before Shops Are Closed When Shops Are Panic When There Is Too Much Remaining Goods

If you're not poor, you're wrong, much earlier than compete with Target® and Wal- mart®

The best day to buy on the day before Thanksgiving

Home moms are all pie pies

at a store at noon and after work

Nobody is going to buy that day but my wife and I and some of the little old ladies who were "ready"

We bought this morning and 3:30 pm Then Sizzler® and my wife's regular salad bar were the salmon salad cups

When we got to Sizzler® , I was hungry for five of our children, their spouses, our 32 grandmother, including two new spouses and grand grandchild, who still says, "Goo, Goo!" (The threes are still saying, "Goo, Goo!" too.)

I started with a bowl of shellfish, then the lettuce, then the salmon and then the ice cream Yum! Yum

In the home town, filled by the metropolis of Twin Falls, thousands of people, I laid it on the bed to get out of my back, which I always get when shopping.

When I woke up I missed Jeopardy.

I had to write the child's name, grandson or grand grandson on the inner package, or my wife can send a bad gift to a bad person to a bad man

He did not want to, but he gave me one hand. that the wrong gift will be sent to a bad person in bad condition

But we have plenty of time for that!

Buy early!

Be a good mood!

The hell cars, full speed ahead!

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