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This year, six homes will be the victim of home burglary. According to police statistics, 60 percent of home burglaries occur with unsafe doors and windows. And unfortunately, the police do not track the special category of property offenses referred to as home invasion. Home invasions grow at the same rate as burglaries and are still the sins of choice.

Before intruders can choose a home as a target, they get out and "cause" in the neighborhood. They look for the simplest homes. If they see any obstacles from home they go to the other. Homeowners make it easier for bad guys.

What they are looking for is a warning sign for any safety sign or security guard dog. They're looking for a street in the street that says they're guarding the neighborhood. Look for potential hiding places near the lower door and window shutters. Looking for home security cameras.

If you see these obstacles, you probably are going to have someone else. That's exactly what you want, right?

Home security cameras were expensive, but no longer. The top three of them are:

1. Vandal-proof infrared date night high definition color dome camera with 540 TV serial resolution. The infrared LED 36 allows night vision at up to 80 feet. Fully Weatherproof and Vandalproof

2. Then the daytime camera with infrared LEDs allows for full darkness up to 60 meters visibility and is wired or wireless.

3rd Then there is a wide-angle color camera with a wide-angle lens. Built-in LEDs allow you to see up to 150 meters in the night. The wide-angle lens on the rear panel can be adjusted between 9 and 22 mm. This is only available in a wired version.

These are the three best home security cameras. Pick up the door and one for the back door. They signal the bad guys to stay or get caught.

When will you get one?

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