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Airbags are as old as the mountains – maybe older. No one is sure where they came from. Some historians claim that the II. In centuries, they come from Rome or China, while others claim earlier than the Stone Age. It was invented for hunting and has been used for centuries. Today it is more about sports and paintball.

A hollow, thin, lightweight metal, plastic or wooden tube. Blow air into one end of the gun, and get a small dart or other bullet at the other end at a very high speed. This is limited only by the respiratory muscles of the user.

The dart is occasionally poisoned to poison the animals. Before darts blow weapons shot fired pellets made of stone stones.

The longer the nozzle, the greater the range and the speed, but the harder it takes for a longer period of time.
18, 24, 36, 48, 60 and 72 inches models are available.

The style of the brass band used in Japan is & # 39; fukiya & # 39; the ninjas are used over time.

The length of the blow gun typically depends on a number of factors, including the amount of airflow required to effectively dart the throttle. If the user has a very strong lung and a long blow gun, you can shoot a few centimeters in a wooden target.

These nozzles "Caliber 40 and precision are seamless T-6061 aircraft made with aluminum tubes and guaranteed life Not this game. Every new development is over 250 feet and nozzles at 350 feet per second!"

You get 12 target pad, mouthpiece, muzzle, foam, and a dart pen with each shotgun.

Convert the blast wire to a semi-automatic entertainment paintball system by adding a "splat" add-on. "Remove the nozzle nozzle and connect the splat tube to the tube and fill up to 20 paintballs in the splat tube

Do you want to compete? Can you shoot a dart with a 100 ft or so sniffin better than that? or What is the situation with a paintball tournament with blowguns in a new direction for paintball and high-paced change

Ribbon weapons are illegal in California with the local police before they buy one

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