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Your pillow bought your best friend instead of the worst enemy. Give me some trouble … spend one third of your life with your pillow. And believe me that the cushion knows better than anyone when she is asleep and when she sleeps badly. The right choice for the pillow will certainly provide you with greater comfort and better sleep for a large part of your life.

Most people do not give their pillows much more than a passing idea. But you really owe yourself to carefully consider the pillow selection. But the cushion class can be overloaded in any decent sized shop. The surprising cost of the dizzying array and the decent pillow can result in a lot of sleep from the big sleep. But be cheap and sleepless nights.

I draw a line between "sleeping pillows" and "good pillows". As for the appearance of "good pillows", we can put them on the bed, but it's better not to sleep with them. You choose them for your sole purpose: to look good. Make sure the good-looking pillows retain their shape and make sure they are the right length for the bed. This really matters.

Sleeping pads, however, have only one purpose: they are there to make sure you're sleeping the best.

You have to choose from a number of options:

FIRMNESS – Your sleep setting determines the desired tension. The pillow should always support its head and back. The biggest difference is that you are sleeping or sleeping in the back. The side sleepers need a pillow that is more supportive of the head. The rear sleepers require a mast or softer pillow.

The cushion must provide the right head and spinal cord. Its shape and support is that your pillow will change if you are sleeper or underpants. If a sleeping person needs a rather flat or soft pillow. If you have a side sleep, you may need a cushion that contains some basic support that can support your head.

  • Pillows Strength Selection Guidelines If you sleep on your own:

    • Back – You Can Get a Medium & # 39; pillow
    • Page – get a business & # 39; cushion
    • Stomach – soft pillow

    SIZE – The size of your choices is Standard, King and Queen.

    SHOOTING – Punching on a pillow on a piece of cloth, it serves a few goals, prevents dust, dead skin and hair loss the mites do not get into their pillows and prevent the charge from getting out.This is obviously obvious but I have too many cushions to hold the pen or the middle of the night in the face If you buy a downpipes, you want to try at least 250 threads (the better it will be found) For every other charge, 200 threads are sufficient

    PERFORMANCES – the selected pad It gives you a sense of comfort as to how long your pillow and even the air quality are.

    Sketch the filling options: – Cotton [19599005] – naturally resistant to allergy but accumulates over time.

  • Down or Down Blending – Luxury comfort, long-lasting and flexible to meet your needs. But allergic patients should be careful. If you are sensitive, you should pay with a sheet.
  • Hypoallergen down – this is a decent alternative for allergic patients, but be careful that your mileage may vary. All this depends on the sensitivity.
  • Pen Cushions – Combined and coarser pens. Allergic patients should also be cautious here. Also note that coarser pens tend to poke the tap and stick or scratch your face.
  • Polyester – Polyester of normal quality is quite common, but compact and compacted, similar to cotton.
  • Silicone Polyester – It's much like the downside, it is resistant to compression.
  • Latex foam – Designed to provide good support and retain its shape, but the tire eventually worsens.

One thing is certain, no matter what your choice. Do not cheat yourself. Just a night's sleep with the appropriate pillow is enough for you to convince you that it is worth the extra cost to find the right pillow.

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