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It has been my love and concern for many of my friends about the question of what is a buy for a man who is so complicated. Most women I know are experienced buyers, experts, if they are the art of tracking and they buy exactly what they want, no matter what the element can be. So, why does not this talent and expertise have the task of buying him?

I blame what I call "heart beat". We all know each other. This is the feeling that tells us when a good-looking guy stares into our eyes from the room. Our heart compete in the palms of the hand as moisture content, keeping in motion butterflies beginning in the butterfly's torment. Last autumn, the same symptoms came when I saw a brown Louis Vuitton bag in the mall. After further examination of the bag, I realized that not for me. It just does not meet the expectations of the perfect handbag. I kept my feelings and put the bag back. So, why do we arrange less when we choose a partner? Maybe we should approach a shopping expedition.

First Step – Heart Factor

You're on a party and a beautiful guy starts talking. Take this opportunity to assess the goods. Do not get me wrong, I do not compare men with objects, but for women I find that this approach will help keep your heart safe. If you think this is a shopping trip and the guy is like a new winter jacket, your heart rate can be retracted a bit.

Return to the parties. Do you like what you've seen so far? I think it's important for both men and women to understand what they want in a partner, a mental checklist if they want to. The list is divided into four broad but simple categories:

1. Physical
2. Personality
3. Ideas, opinions and values ​​
4. Baggage

First encounter with someone in at least two of the first categories you can see some of your likes or dislikes.

You remember now at this stage, you have to ignore all the symptoms we've just talked about, as well as the pictures he recalled from the sidewalk with the brother. Be at the present moment. Do not forget your heart and just listen to your head. Are you satisfied with any of the checklist's requirements? Get rid of the minus minuses? If so, read the second step if you do not repeat step 1 as many times as necessary.

Step Two – Head Is Still in the Game

In the second step, you have to spend time together to find out what the new person really is to you. Keep referring to your list, which will help you move forward positively. Remember, you are still looking for the perfect winter coat in the mall. No rush, in the early fall, winter clothing just reached your favorite stores and sales have not even started.

This is a critical step for most women. If you're looking for something, we really want you to do less, especially if you're looking for something. Keep your head in the game, remember what's important to you, and that buying a bad fit can be devastating.

Now he has more time with the man. Some minus could have been added to the checklist, but hopefully a lot of extra added. Make sure you're still at least 60% of the range that loves more than you do not like. If you have big diskettes and fall below 60%, then you have to make smart choices. Everyone is an ongoing project, but we are talking about the early stages of the relationship, which is already red. At this point you have to seriously consider returning to the party and repeat the first step with someone. Never make this mistake. It's always a learning experience, most importantly, you've learned a lot about yourself. You have better understood what you want and need for a relationship, and what type of person can help to meet these needs.

Third Step – Red Flags or Red Roses

The third step is what I call the fork in the road section of the connection. It can no longer be considered a new relationship as it has been several months since. Both of you met each other with your friends, and you were probably intimate. This is the stage where we relax, and we're more like we're actually in the face of our dating site. You know, "polite, always wearing makeup, not nailing your nails, not losing your patience, showing no road anger or eating too much for our new friend." You're not alone, you do the same.

Keep in mind that in the third step the return policy for your merchandise remains valid. The perfect winter coat that was searched for months and was not sold, began to show signs of wear along the seams. It's a red flag. I can not think of a woman I know who would not be completely outraged. You go back to the store and demand a refund.

Remember, please. Suppose you're close to what you're looking for. He is physically attractive, great personality, a vote for the Green Party, and no more luggage than you are. It will be better for your friends than he and the dog to do.

Now the test is here. A boyfriend has dinner and has got too much beer. They both decide to drive the car back to the night. On the way to the underground parking lot, the garage doors are too close to the garage opposite the garage. Before he could apologize for crying, cursing, and calling for names. It's a huge red flag! At this moment, the only thing that reflects your mind is, "how fast can I get a taxi to pick up this guy?"

The reality is that at this stage of the relationship most women feel that the investment is too big. You see this is another failure and you go through the usual questions: Is not a bad relationship better than any contact? What do my friends think? This four months in the drain? So you think if you just calm down and enter your apartment, everything will be fine. But everything is wrong. Ladies, consider your respect for your girlfriend. We all know how difficult each other can be. Think about what you expect from your new winter coat. If it did not last for a few months, you are looking for another search. Sometimes we have to look for ourselves when we pick up a partner.

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