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In the summer, we have time to prepare for the upcoming schedule of cocktail parties – Galas, Ungalas, Mini-Galas, Masquerades and Homecomings. In the coming months, they will create a lot of activity and half of the party's party will arrive.

Are you ready?

While some events are really formal white tie, black tie, long dresses most require a versatile cocktail dress. Shorter (up to the length of tea) and usually satin, silk or siphon, but the fashion police will not arrest you if something flattering, coquettish and entertaining.

The keyword is flattering. You need to know that you look good. You must feel that you look good. Otherwise, you're on your own, you're hiding on your nose and you're hiding on the carpet most of the night. And what's the point in it? Good pastime.

Finding the right outfit should be fun as well. My favorite magazines are a good starting point. Learn what this year is and choose some of the styles you do not just love but you know you look good. Do not forget that the models and the photographers are going to go for the unusual circumstances. Something really eye-catching.

But you live and support the real world and you do not feel the one or two seconds of unique film perfection. Think about it. Do your friends admire your choice or see too much? Would you be nice with something extras for the party's duration?

The same rule belongs to the film and television style. What you see on the screen is that you can go deeper or higher than is acceptable for a social gathering. Screen players and models largely fit the camera's eyes to their body size, which adds at least ten virtual pounds. You do not have to starve a dress.

Reality Check

Find out what your friends are going to buy clothes. Let your consensus – and your budget. Do not leave yourself as a debt for a party. There are other events and dresses, so if you are wearing shoes, look at the freight forwarding and sparing shops, which are often a variety of gorgeous cocktails and party outfits.

Otherwise, it's time to reach the halls, service-oriented local stores, and your stores. They all have advantages, and if you have the time, you should produce all the outputs.

The mall offers a number of department stores and smaller chains. There are countless sources in one place to view and compare. Take a day and try to narrow down the settings. Try your favorites. Keep your notes in mind to remember more about what you've seen and how you felt all the clothes. Creates a picture.

Even if you irretrievably fall in love with a dress, it's better not to buy it on the spot. Love may be uncertain, even if satin and silk are affected. And it's too easy to commit our hearts to an exciting line that is reprehensible to the reverberation of the first imagination.

Do not miss out on shopping malls. Although it is getting harder and harder to find those small local-owned businesses that dominate the dominance of Main Street, they still exist.

The advantage? You will probably choose from carefully selected fashions, cocktail dresses that do not fill in the cookie cutter shopping malls. There are more indebted relationships with sellers, perhaps even with the manager or owner who are well acquainted with their stocks and ready to help you in the right outfit.

But beware of commission-based officials who think in their own interests, not yours. If you look in the mirror and feel ashamed of what you see, get the sales assistant's statement that this dress is "surely you", with salt … and you go on.

The internet has definitely changed its way of buying. Online browsing allows us to literally watch hundreds of possible clothes in our comfort, without driving, parking or walking, within the duration of any store or shopping center. You can buy pajamas. In the middle of the night or before breakfast. Easy.

Most online stores have a reasonable pricing policy, though they have to pay a fee. Still, it's good to know that only when the impulsive click of the mouse has brought disastrous results.

Shopping With Friends

That very afternoon at the mall, your best friend or band may be very entertaining, but not necessarily as productive as you'd like. After all, the dress is not as important to them as you. Totally (whether they admit it or not) will be bored with the subject of everyday life.

So wait a few sidewalks to the video library, the candy store, and the grocery store, and maybe even an unexpected movie. They are your friends, but other important interests than all your important clothes. They can encourage themselves to buy something, whatever, just to take over and start the day.

They can tell you what they think is what they want to hear about the whole unsuitable pink frou-frou dress, not the honest truth of God. Or they may deceive you kindly, delighting the clothes for themselves, or maybe they look better than you. Friends are also human. Accept the failures and do not let it blur your judgment.


There is no island dress for paraphrases. You need more than a cocktail dress to get complete gear.

footwear. Jewelry. Evening bag.

Without being a fifty-year-old party, you do not have to exactly match everything. This meant that this year's fashion trend will moderately return to the advent of complementary additions. Good taste rules.

Generally speaking, you can wear your shoes on the color and / or fabric of your clothing so you can coordinate your look overall. This allows the evening bag to reflect or stand out from the set.

Again, jewels need to emphasize, not overstate. Two, three max, including necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings or hair accessories. A good advice that goes back to decades to make a last look at you before you go to the party and extract a piece of jewelery.

There are inclinations to accumulate their friends at the last minute. Including perfume. But keep the fragrance to a minimum. You may be worshiping when you smell the latest fragrance, but trust me, others do not share their devotion. I will have a bunch of bunches, allergies, and those who just do not like sniffing the clue.

The undergarment is part of the accessory. The bodies fit better into a good, quality bra. And because you see it on the street and the movies, it's usually a bad form to show the bra, the hooks and the underarms support for a distinguished party.

Furthermore, the dress can not be so impressive that it runs with belts, pantyhose or other bumps on your belly or derriere. And if your dress is not lined and on the sheer side, you should get to know the lacy slider at the bottom of the drawer.

This is a wrap. Always wear shawl, velvet jacket or lightweight coat – just in case. It is difficult to control the temperature in a public space occupied by a large number of people. Someone will always be hot or too cold. Do not let it be you. If it is too hot, you can drop the packaging. If you're cold, you're ready.

You're entertaining

You bought the right cocktail dress, wisely fitted and enjoyed the ride. You are now ready. Get the nerves and question marks out at last. Here is the time of fun. Go, girl. The night. Time to fly!

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