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There are some clamps that every kitchen needs, and this includes the cooking wok. Never reach out and do not buy any wok, and there are some things you should consider in advance. Wok is a bowl shaped pan that is traditionally used in Chinese cuisine, but is used today on a kitchenette all over the world.

What Kind To Buy

Most people would be surprised to find out that there are actually many different types of cooking woos available. Wok carbon steel is best because it is durable and capable of years of wear. It is possible to use a flat or round bottom for cooking wok, and if you are cooking in a western electric range, the bottom line will be the best solution.

This is because the round bottom waves reflect the heat on the battery, which can damage it.


Size is another important consideration to consider when looking for cooking wok. Woks vary in size and the size of wok you have to choose depends largely on the type of cooker and how much food you want to prepare. Restaurants often use several meters long woos, where the average homeowner needs only a smaller woof.

Wok Care

If you've found your cooking wok, it's important to make sure of it. You should season the use of wok before using it first and this will help remove conservative oil producers in the wok to prevent rusting. Clean the wok after use as this keeps it clean and prevents rust.

To clean the carbon steel wok, rinse the wok in hot water, gently raise or replace the food particles with a non-metallic detergent. Rinse the wok and then dry it with the inner and outer paper towels. To wipe the wok to finish drying on medium heat, wipe the inside of the wok with a small amount of vegetable oil, as this will protect it from rust.

A good wok, if properly cared for it, may last for years and years, so it is best to save time after each meal and clean and rinse the cooking wok properly.

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