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You wear a dress that is loose and unformatted because you think you disguise your body. You like the layers to fall. For the time being, it was not properly fitted to a bra but it was more like a smaller cup size than you really needed. You really like bold colors, but you do not really know how to wear the pattern and the color. Fashion disrupts. It may look good on the models, but the real women in the curves never work.

We've worked with many women who are dressed and have a large wardrobe, but it never seems to be something to help make them confident and comfortable. You do not have to compromise and as you can see in the illustrations of the book, there are many styles that you can now prioritize in the knowing that you can choose clothes to fine-tune the curves.


Choose clothes that have rectangular silhouettes or unformed contours. Casual shirt and unisex shirt are a good example of this.

Obtain the colors from the opposite ends of the spectrum so that they can hold on to your body at the same time.

Choose flat, flat or matte textiles that do not have personality and lifelessness, or stiff or crisp textures that are too inflexible and depriving you of any shape of body.

Wears clothes that accidentally draw attention to the widest or most decisive parts of the body

Rely on the limited collections that stores carry.


Choose a dress that gently sets the bust. This means that they use forms such as soft imperial lines and soft knitwear. Anything that is loose and scattered in this neighborhood will be bigger and squareer.

Choose colors from the same color group as browns in rich chocolate colors that are complemented by lighter tones and highlighted by touch or orange or brown. Obviously there are many groups that you can do depending on your own preferences, but what I say is that a color loss says that red, yellow, and green are all on one body will not provide the necessary elongation.

Fun with tissues, they are essential to creating a soft and feminine silhouette, and anything that looks too rigid, boxed and square. Consider the textiles and our properties. Many are now using modern casings, metallic surfaces and hand-made uneven weaves.

View the texture of the garments as they may have a slight effect on your appearance. For example, select the two-colored sounds that are embedded in the jacket that are more attractive and tactile than a monotonous and tailor-made design.

Know that most of the garments have an interesting feature of them, that when they choose knowledge, they hide the eye from the widest or most decisive part of the body – this is what is detailed in the book.

Make sure you are properly fitted to a bra as this gives a much better shape and emphasizes your waist because your bust is lowering your chest. I lost the number of times I just narrowed the straps to create a better silhouette. However, the size and bandwidth of the appropriate cup will give you the deserved convenience.

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