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Shopping for furniture may be somewhat confusing, as there are different skin types, different levels of quality, and of course different tide points. And buying the most expensive furniture does not necessarily mean having the best and longest life possible. With the familiar buyer you can find the best solution and find quality furniture that is always looking good, comfortable and forever

Unfortunately, many furniture stores hire people who do not know much about furniture or are serious about working with lots of jargon to confuse. The most appropriate way to fight this is by teaching ourselves and learning something about the terms used when referring to these furniture. The skin is not simply hiding the animal, in fact divided into two parts the outer layer, the part that is considered skin. The best grain is the best quality and most flexible and durable. Find the top grain when it falls into its price range because it is a better quality product. Split

Split is the equivalent of the upper part because the lower part of the skin is inside the animal's skin. Separation is usually compressed, less durable and stiffer than the top skin. Split is usually a larger paint that makes it difficult, but usually the only choice when there is an unusual color of furniture. or there is no repair and work to correct the deficiencies. Analine coatings are best-of-the-kind skin type, as these pieces naturally seem to be the best and in this case the hidden natural beauty they wanted to blaze. Semi-Aniline Finish ]

At half-aniline, the skin has undergone a series of dying and surface treatments. These processes come with benefits and pitfalls. The benefits of semi-aniline are that you can get great colors and provide greater protection against dyeing and wear, so it's great for your children or pets. However, half-aniline is heavier, less comfortable and will not develop with the large patina that aniline ends with over time. Nubuck is a top quality leather with an outer surface polished or buffed to create a day and a velvety feeling. Some confuse the nubuck with the velor but come from inside the suede skin, the nubuck's appearance is more significant and more durable. The nubuck is typically expensive, but this is one of the most durable skin types.


The upholstery is coated with a heavy surface wax or oil, which furniture for a while is an upset look. These pieces are generally very attractive, especially over time, but tend to be slippery and prone to scratches and faded bottom marks.


without fully explaining to you that this means that there are actual pieces in the most significant locations, but the other patches (the back and bottom of the pillows) which is colored. The match is good if you have a limited budget and you do not plan to keep the piece in perpetuity. But if you want quality furniture that lasts for a lifetime and fades evenly, the match is not for you.

If you know these terms and understand what you are looking for, it is much easier and more likely to get your performance from the leather furniture you hoped for. Do not let it shop in the shop to try to confuse the conditions, if you're overwhelmed or thinking of something shady leave the shop. You can go back and explore the jargon you've heard so you know what you're getting or go to another store where we feel more comfortable. Furniture is expensive and long-lasting, so you do not feel pressure or rush and do not let someone disturb you for buying a lower product.

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