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New Delhi is the capital of India. So the capital's advantage is that almost every element that is unique in India is available to a particular region. Become a famous Tanjore mirror image of Tamil Nadu, the terracotta sculptures in Rajasthan or the Jammu and Kashmir Kashmiri scarves, there will be a shop in Delhi that sells.

Tourists who come to Delhibe, have a series of historic buildings and a similarly impressive battalion stores that contain works of art. Most tourists are likely to take advantage of this rare opportunity to buy exceptional items and souvenirs. There are places like Connaught Place, Karol Bagh and Chandni Chowk, where there are many stores. There are also specialty shops in various state governments, where unique things are gained in India in India. Even the pedestrian mall in shopping malls, such as Connaught Place and Karol Bagh, is an experience in itself. Every mall has its own features. In these places, they receive various antiques and artworks from all over India and neighboring countries such as Tibet and Nepal. It is located in Tibetan jewelry, from fine weave mats from North India, Uttar Pradesh leather and various colored gems from India. In this market, if bargaining is good, you can save some money.

There is a Central Cottage Industries Emporium (the so-called "house in the local language") located near Kashmiri Emporium near the Indian Parliament, bronze statues of the Tamil Nadu empire, Karnataka emporium's various silk dresses, the ancient culture of Bihari Emporium with gemstones and paintings, Rajasthani Emporium's miniature paintings and jewelery, Madhya Pradesh Emporium's woodcarving, Kerala Emporium coconut glasses, where rare antiques are received from the government.

South Delhi finds elite modern stores with shops in Tanjore from Paintings to Mughal Paintings. In general, prices are a bit higher in shopping malls in South Delhi, such as Ansal Plaza and Sarojini Nagar. When purchasing handicrafts and authentic handicrafts, a better choice is offered for Dilli Haat, Sadar Bazaar, Jama Masjid and Hauz Khas as well as the Crafts Museum Shop in addition to the Pragati Maidan Museum.

There are also many other craftsmen in Delhi. Many shops offer colorful glass windows made of bamboo grate. Bamboo chairs and chairs are also available in some stores. You will find many jewelery in the Dariba Kalan room near Chandni Chowk. Gift boxes and chessboards made of ivory are also available in many shops, especially in Shahjahanabad Delhi's Ivory Coast. If you are bent in music, you may be interested in the various rare and unheard-of instruments that come from all over India and are available in many stores.

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