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Some people think that there are no shops in Maine because of huge green forests and undeveloped terrain. They would be wrong. So when you visit Maine on shopping malls and smoking credit cards, there is hope for you instead of the rough beauty of the ocean's crumbling coastline. Maine floods places to make money from traditional shopping malls to flea markets.

Traditional halls are located in South Portland and Bangor. The South Portland shopping mall is called Maine Mall. The 140 shops, 18 restaurants and anchor stores, such as Sears, Macy's and JC Penneys, can enjoy a couple of hours of shopping experience. Thanks to its size, everyone in your family finds places that lose the green color. Do not worry guys, there is a Best Buy, Electronics Boutique and Fye to cover electronic urges. Kids find the Disney Store, Build-A-Bear, and if they like chocolate children, Godiva has a special interest. The Bangor Mall is conveniently named Bangor Mall. Shocking, huh? It's about half the Maine Mall 79, but it has the same anchor stores. At Dick's Sporting Goods store you will find hiking, fishing and outdoor equipment. For those who support Maine businesses, I suggest that you join Berg's Sportswear and pick up the Maine Black Bear T-shirt.

If a traditional mall is too sterile, new or normal, it may be a flea market for you. It's hard to tell what strange forgotten treasures you find in a flea market. In Maine there are too many flea markets to look at, so I'll give you a list that reveals it.

Flea Market – City

Black Market – Augusta

Bargain House – Lebanon

Cascade Flea Market – Saco

Evergreen Flea Market – Poland

Gloria Flea Market – Topsham

Flea Market – Gorham

The Granite Ridge Flea Market – Waterboro

The Montsweag Flea Market – Woolwich

North Vassalboro Flea Market – North Vassalboro

Undercover Antique Mall – Oxford


West Gardiner Flea Market – Gardiner

Another shopping experience is found in shopping centers. Yes, you have heard well, all cities for the art of shopping. Freeport Maine is such a city. A motivated buyer can spend free days on Freeport's streets, an incredible place. From Cool, like Moose Shop, Edgecomb Potters Ceramics has a whimsical beauty for you. Because of a written law I have to mention the huge LL Bean shop or forever block Freeport. After the tedious shopping, Gritty McDuff starts. There is a fenced yard where children can play while having adult conversations on board. Those with hairless rats know how rare it is to eat and talk without interruption. Bar Harbor is another strange city with lots of shopping and other entertaining tourist activities. If you've ever gone to Ben and Bill Chocolate Emporium and have experienced some delicious meals, then you understand that participating as a tourist is not a bad thing. Overall, Bar Harbor deals with the flourishing of local crafts and art. It seems that the whole city is made up of artists and craftsmen. For a long time, Bar Harbor was the so-called place to be extremely rich, but today everyone can feel comfortable here.

Please note that these are not even a fraction of Maine's stores. There are small towns in Maine with wonderful shops and breathtaking views that offer more shopping. Take a day or two between small towns and small shops to really understand Maine and his friends.

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