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Why buy online? – there are at least three good reasons. One, comfort. Two, selection (usually find what you want). And three, and perhaps the most important, cheap. In fact, you can find incredible online promotions and time saving yourself a lot of money if you know where to look!

But there is a catch. You need to do a hard research to find online bargain shopping malls that offer the best quality, the best service and the best deals. I've done a lot of preliminary research for you, and I hope that will save you time. The results were followed.

Some History

You are probably aware that online shopping is reliably secure. Of course, nothing is safe – even eating your favorite restaurant is at a low risk of stealing your credit card number. But if you're dealing with reputable online shopping, it's as safe as using a certified card in a brick-making retail store.

There are rules to keep in mind:

First, do not enter credit card numbers on a web site, just buy something.

If you have any doubts about a website, continue. Trust your instincts. Of course, you can check out sites like Better Business Bureau, National Fraud Information Center, ScamBusters, BizRate, and

You always have to pay by credit card because you will be at the Fair Credit Billing Act and recover your money. But make sure the order form for the purchase site is secure. (Find the small lock icon at the bottom of your browser window.) Never buy pop-up windows or email spam.

Full Register of Online Transactions. You can print the confirmation email and, if possible, print the final payment page from the merchant's site.

Research Procurement Before Buying

Would You Buy a Car Without Checking In Consumer Reports Whether Reliable? I should not. Since this information is readily available, why not use it?

The same is true of the essence of any big bargain that you might think about buying. There are countless websites at the moment that provide solid data and reviews for almost anything you want to buy. Best of all: Epinions, ConsumerReports, ConsumerREVIEW and ConsumerSearch.

As you probably know, Amazon is famous for the online bookstore, it now tells you all about the site or the editorial reviews of sales products.

Another concern is getting a good price. For this, we recommend that you use one or more price comparison sites. These sites allow you to enter your product name and then scan many online retailers to see who is counting. In my most comprehensive opinion, BizRate, PriceGrabber, Froogle, Yahoo (go to and

Unfortunately, there are no websites that compare price comparison sites, but if you only want to choose one of the sites, I suggest Google have ownership of Google. The reason for this is simply that Froogle is known to be one of the targets of one of these targets – it does not count on manufacturers like lists.

Finding Online Findings

There are several ways to hunt online. For example, you can look for discounts, coupons, discounts or merchandise, merchandise or merchandise sold by wholesalers.

Discounts are a good strategy. The idea is simply buying a product, submitting a claim, and repurchasing it. Discounts are available online everything, but how do you find them? Start the rebatesHQ. Just enter the product (or manufacturer) and a list of available discounts appears. Then click on the more information you care about. Two other good sources are MyRebates and RebateCatcher.

What about coupons? In general, you do not get a current coupon online but you get coupon codes. Then enter the code when you fill in the online retailer's order form to receive the discount. For coupon transactions, visit MyCoupons or any of the websites listed below: eSmarts,
Bargain-Central, RefundSweepers, and SpecialOffers.

Internet shopping malls

If you are a serious web shopmer, you may already know about online shopping malls. Many do not. The great advantage of online shopping centers is that you can search multiple dealers at once for a particular product. Try this personally at the local mall!

There are two types of general interest centers and a special hall. With the former you can group buyers from multiple stores and buy buyers on a shopping cart form. To get acquainted with this powerful online shopping, visit SkyMall, InternetMall or WebSquare.

Specialties create merchants that offer similar products or are interested in niche markets. Use Google to find special motels that offer the most interesting products. Some examples are WiredSeniors, JewelryMall and CraftIreland.

Wholesale and Overpriced Shopping Sites

Wholesale and overpriced shopping places where you can really save money.

These sites offer new or refurbished products that manufacturers are trying to sell for a variety of reasons. They are often perfectly good products, but the manufacturer is simply oversized or decided to replace them with new patterns or other types of goods. Whatever the reason, the seller wanted them to get rid of them to provide space for other products.

First, oversized elements. There are two ways to buy oversized items in bulk or as a single item. Obviously, you can save more when you buy large quantities, but you do not need hundreds of toasters, microwaves or clocks. If you are an eBay entrepreneur again, bulk, oversized items (also known as bulk liquidation) can be a good deal more for you.

I recommend the bulk of these bulletins to be used for mapping these types of purchases, although there are of course the largest liquidation, AmeriSurplus, USA and Closeouts.

By the way, when buying a bulk liquidator, make sure you know the terms and the brand gets – bulk liquidators often sell off-brand merchandise. You know exactly what you will get and how much it will cost, including shipping.

However, it is more likely that you only want to buy one item at a time. There are definitely some online bargain shopping you already had. Try Overstock, SmartBargains, and Closeouts. For more upmarket goods, visit the LuxuryBrandsllc page.

Finally, what about buying wholesale? This will allow you to bypass retailers and buy directly from wholesalers. Of course, most wholesalers do not sell the population, only in retail stores because they are sold in large batches, not in individual batches. However, some, and in these cases, prices are rock bottom. To explore this opportunity, I suggest you visit the wholesale distributors directory. This kind of directory lists websites that offer specialized wholesalers, such as CKBProducts (Baggage & Sports Equipment) and ShirtDistributor (specializing in all kinds of shirts). Large Wholesale Libraries: Wholesale Center, Buylink and WholesalersCatalog.

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