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Stun guns come in all shapes and sizes from small three-inch models to nearly nine-inch versions of the jumbo. They all do the same – made by self-defense products – give them time to get rid of a dangerous situation and get help.

They are manual self-defense weapons, usually two cones that carry electric charge between them. They work under tension (up to 2.7 million), not as powerful as tasers. After applying the charge for 3-5 seconds, the muscles are able to quickly lower the blood sugar required for energy.

Not all stun guns are created equally. Some are better and more popular than others. Cellphone stun guns are on the top of the cube, because they are just like stunning devices that are a surprise. Here is the product overview of the three best models.

first Cell Phone Stun Gun -The original and still one of the best. It was 800,000 and looks like a cell phone. This product has a 100-ply alarm, a glossy flashlight and a wide variety of features with the forbidden wrist strap. If worn, the wrist strap is attached to the barrel of the gun. If an attacker removes the pistol from it, releases the bullet mechanism and can not be used against you. $ 59.95, and it's a lifelong guarantee.

2nd Pretender Stunner – A relatively new model that looks like a camera cell phone, but actually a 950,000-volt power plant. A clear 12 LED flashlight and two security levels are integrated. Only women have a color choice in pink. It's $ 69.95 and comes with a lifetime warranty.

3rd Red or Blue Cell Gun Pistol – The latest of the three. This is a non-frill version, 800,000 and a lifetime warranty. He has a belt loop with a nylon strap. The battery does not include $ 44.95.

These self-defense tools are better than most and are perfect for both women and the elderly. When do you get one?

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