Chateau Swing Set Gorilla Playsets – Product Overview

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Gorilla Playsets was one of the most popular swing kits, the Blue Ridge Castle was rebuilt in 2009. The game room features new wooden dormers, chimney and sunburts features that give details to the roof. With these added features the price on the playground did not change.

Like all Gorilla Playsets, Chateau has Preserved Premium Preserved Pine and all structural beams are handled by the Poly Coat. The Chateau Lumber is guaranteed for ten years and all accessories are in one. The swing kit 19 and # 15 & # 39; footprint and a further 30 & amp; # 25; 25 & # 39; security zone. Make sure you have a level area for assembly. Installation time may vary. It took us four hours, but we have experience. The best suggestion I can make for anybody related to the assembly process is still organized. Like any swing, be sure to check the hardware as part of regular maintenance.

One of the castles assembled, the kids will love it! The swingset's standard features include two screws, a trapezoidal ring, a picnic table, a sandbox, a rock climbing rope, a ten-leg radial wave slider, a climbing ladder, a telescope and a tic tac toe panel game. More than enough for hours of entertainment. As a parent, one of my favorites is a picnic table. On hot sunny days, kids can have lunch under cover and are still on swings.

The appearance of the castle is much more expensive. If you are willing to forge your own swing kit, you will get great savings when you are ready to set up a playground. In our store we buy many playgrounds and local merchants sold similar supplies more than twice as much as Chateau spent. Every time I look at our backyard playing, I feel satisfied, knowing that we not only compiled the swing, but paid a lot less than we could not compromise on quality.

Overall I strongly recommend this playground!

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