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Over the past three or four years, self-defense products have blown their popularity, not just women's self-defense but as an alternative to self-defense of self-defense. All self-defense products are designed to secure personal security in an unsafe way if the attacker is blocked for 5-45 minutes.

Pepper Sprays, Taser Guns and Personal Alarms are some of the most effective tools that are currently being built for self-defense. They are all effective in self-defense. Pepper spray is the most commonly used self defense product in the world. Stun guns are the second!

Stun gun is a handheld device that causes an electrical explosion in an attacking muscular system. This electric energy causes the body to quickly destroy the blood sugar that the body needs for energy. So everywhere in 5 to 10 minutes the attacker can not literally do anything. There is no pain and the effects have not long been reflected.

Of course, there are hundreds of manufacturers around the world. Thousands of stun guns are sold. The Cheetah brand is one of the best around. They are famous for its stylish design and high tension. They have a very good line of cheap stun guns. Here are some reviews of the three cheetahs High Voltage Stun Guns.

Hurricane Cheetah – This slim model is very compact and produces 1000,000 volts. It has a shiny halogen flashlight and a safety pin. The model is rechargeable so no costly items are required.

The Matrix – this is a completely innovative design that is patented. Use finger protection activation. It was easy to handle and strong enough, 2.5 million. It is 2.25 inches wide and 4 inches long, making it easier for women. It has a built-in charger that eliminates the need for batteries and has a leather case for the carrying case. The cheetah was 2.5 million – one of the strongest on the market today is the choice of three colors: pink, blue or black. It can be recharged to save money on batteries. There is a popular wrist safety needle. If you wear it properly, if the attacker removes the stun gun, the hinge hangs on the safety pin, causing the attacker to use it against you. This model can be recharged every 3-4 months. It's lightweight and compact and has a lifetime warranty

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