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A home burglary occurs in these countries every 15 minutes, and every six homes break every year. Is not it time to take your home security more seriously? Burglary is a thing where bad guys are transporting the house, damaging the house, and damaging your psyche – the feeling of invasion for self-sufficiency takes a long time.

Then home invasion, which is completely different and is much more dangerous for you and your family. There is little doubt that the best way to prevent burglary and domestic invasion is to install home security cameras or surveillance cameras. Cheap home security cameras are available.

They were so expensive that only the rich could afford it. But not any more!

first The convex cameras look colorful and black and white. Each one needs a DVR or VCR to capture the recordings, otherwise you can just watch the pictures on your TV or monitor. Some have infrared illuminators that allow them to reach up to 80 feet at night. Easy to use and easy to install. One advantage of dome cameras is that they are small and often ignored by intruders.

2nd The ball camera is much more visible, which is some important. These cameras are extremely pure in pictures with up to 540 TV resolutions. One of them also has a wide-angle lens. Two of them have 56 infrared LEDs that allow night vision up to 150 meters.

There are three dome cameras, less than $ 150. Five-shot camera less than $ 150. So you can make one less than $ 300.00 on the front door and one at the back door that provides great protection and sends a clear message to the bad guys to stay away or they will catch you.

Cheap Home Security Cameras is a great way to increase your home security. When will you get something?

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