Chicago – The best shopping destination in the US

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Chicago, the third largest US city, is clearly one of the world's best shopping destinations. Today, if you say to Chicago as a new shopping paradise on Earth, then it will not be bad. While this city is considered the Alpha World Capital and may be slightly smaller than other cities, it is undeniable that this is the rank of city in terms of shopping charts and living standards. Form of fashionable boutiques, department stores and shopping malls this Chicago city offers a wide selection of shopping experiences.

The city's primary shopping district, Michigan Avenue. It is surrounded by world-class and scalable, tree-lined streets and dazzling architectural gates, ideal for spending your days. The beautiful shopping centers are famous, this location is home to bustling shops, shops, six-tiered restaurants, restaurants, Banana Republic and the Chicago store. Women who are just looking for fashionable and vibrant accessories, this may be the next place to deliver the desire and shop while tired.

Now, if you're crazy about fashion and love to dress up with modern clothes and unique jewelry, do not forget to go to Oak Street. This is actually one of the busy shopping destinations in the nation. Branded and luxurious garments and accessories for all ages are here to easily find the most famous stores that include the best collections of the world's best fashion designer. No matter which age group it is, Oak Street has acquired exciting jewelery and clothing stores.

Wait a minute, only when you throw away your shopping bags. Lincoln Park is waiting for you. Michigan Avenue can be reached within 5 to 10 minutes to Lincoln Park Shopping District. This mini shopping world consists of two primary blocks in the world: Armitage and Halsted Streets. A place known for its wonderful shops, boutiques, and daytime spas is just like a Chicago pearl. Here you will find a huge selection of jeans and accessories such as bracelets, earrings, belts, corners, such as C & C California, Chip & Pepper, James Cured, Marc Jacobs and Earnest Sewn. Buy in Chicago is just as incomplete as not to have visited this place.

To the south of the Chicago River State Street is a great shopping mall that is the best combination of past and present. Old fashioned street lights and architecture, with innovative and well-designed retail outlets, this avenue offers a lot of things.

Now, if you're looking for something unusual, then the Buck City Wicker Park is just waiting for you. Its Chicago retail center, the shopping street, have independent shops and boutiques. These boutiques offer designer jewelery, rare art and antiques. In the most beautiful part of the shopping street, the retail outlets here offer a unique service, rarely found elsewhere in this world.

So, if you're new to this shopping paradise or you plan to visit this shopping paradise, it's in place to really help you save money and time, and give you unpleasant free shopping experience with the highest quality, personalized guest service providers, affordable at any Chicago hotel.

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