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Guizhou, like many Chinese places, is a paradise for customers. We make the purchase of Guizhou special, the products can be purchased. These items are only available locally and worldwide. In Guizhou, the large population of ethnic minority groups, their culture and customs have remained relatively unchanged for centuries. Their art and crafts are great and surprisingly affordable. In addition to minority crafts, the province also offers unique items such as Chinese famous Maotai alcohol and wonderful teas. [16] Milán alkohol

The most famous Chinese alcohol, the unique flavor of Maotai, appreciates everyone from businessmen to state leaders. Visit to Guizhou without sampling Maotai is simply not complete


Teas in the region are very special. Guizhou produces some Chinese delicious green tea. Until recently, a few teas were not known outside the region, because the best teas were bred by locals. The word is expanding to the quality of the tea of ​​Guizhou, and tea knowledge throughout the country and around the world is becoming more and more common.


Guizhou ethnic minorities are famous for their silverware. They think silver is the symbol of purity and luck. They can convert silver into jewelery, medals, fancy headdresses and simple accessories. The silver works are beautifully designed to bring luck to the owner. Guizhou's capital, Guiyang is a great place to buy minority silver items.


Lusheng is the unique instrument of Dong and Miao ethnic minority groups. The instrument is made of a full reed made of bamboo. Its unique sound is lively, and few people hear and see that they have played, they did not fascinate.

Yuping Flute

The Yuping Flute came from Guizhou Yuping Dong Autonomous County. The flute has more than 300 years of history. Traditionally, the flute is decorated with beautiful landscapes and animal depictions. The flute was so appreciated that it was given to the emperor during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

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