Christmas Fair – How does Black Friday affect the economy?

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While Black Friday is about matters, and after a Thanksgiving Day, walking a few calories in the mall, the biggest shopping day of the year is also part of the US economy. We will look at the Black Friday story so that we can better understand that the day after Thanksgiving also affects other aspects of American life.

A short story of Black Friday

According to various sources, the term "Black Friday" was first introduced in the New York Times in 1975, referring to the day when retailers were finally in black when they came to them. However, over the years, the day of Thanksgiving has been raised as something that can be placed on the market – they used to sell more items. Gradually price wars were created, companies tried to always set up the ante and sell more batches. It's here today.

The Black Friday Effect on the Farm

In some ways, the shopping event is very good for the economy – as long as people pay cash for the items and do not put in expensive credit card fees they can not really afford. If too many people extend their credit at the border, they buy things that they really do not need will have a catastrophic impact on the US economy.

There is also a question of fraud, which grows with the purchase of more people. Retailers lose billions of dollars a year for theft and fraud. Black Friday may have a negative effect on these numbers and it will rise, warehouses are losing more and more money, the greater the day after Thanksgiving. However, this may change due to the Internet.

Now, in the 21st century, when the internet is actually flourishing, more and more people are waiting for the Cyber ​​Monday as the other day of shopping. By having online shopping, you can avoid all long series of people, all people, and any problems with big sales before they occur. In addition, retailers have a greater chance of preventing fraud when people buy online. There are other cost savings that can be passed on to customers.

As you can see, Black Friday has a number of ways to influence the economy.

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