Christmas shopping for distant relatives

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You see, the farther one is, the bigger the challenge is to buy them – especially at Christmas. And his "relatives" are no exception.

Why is the added challenge? First, if you can not go to long distance relatives, it's often harder to get original ideas for what they like. You can not walk around in their homes. Watch them during their hobbies, or just grab the occasional remarks that give great gifts. If you do not "literally" see them, you're still thinking about their size. Did they lose or gain weight? Is your new favorite color? Did they leave their hobbies or took new ones? And further, and more and more.

Additionally, you should consider shipping the package as well. Who wants to spend more on something very large or fragile than what you paid for the gift yourself?

My goal here is to offer a few ideas so that the distant relative's Christmas shopping is a little easier to handle.

One way to ease a quick phone call from distant relatives. Just call to talk and pick up sometimes at the end of summer or early fall. So you can gather intelligence while staying sober and not reveal the secondary cause of the call. Ask a lot of questions and let the vast majority of conversations. Find out what kind of recreational activity you enjoy. All volunteer work they do. What's happening at your workplace? Read the great books – learn about your favorite authors? Where are your favorite places to buy clothes?

You can, of course, just come out and ask them what they want for Christmas. This will take away the element of surprise, but it will ensure that you buy something your relative really wants.

Another way to get a good gift for Intel: If someone else in the family slowly visits their relatives, talk to them. Get ideas from people who have last seen them.

Another option to consider buying a gift voucher. This is not necessarily the most exciting gift, but it is certainly respectable. Answers to questions asked during a telephone conversation will help you get the right gift certificate. For example, a certificate is your favorite clothing store, bookstore, sports equipment, music etc.

Another advantage of the gift voucher is that it is easy to send e-mails. Some may also be sent by email, but I personally do not find it personal. Can not hide an email.

Probably becomes obvious here, but small and light gifts are the simplest and the least costly for correspondence. Therefore, when asking questions about your phone call to a relative, try a little deeper until you get ideas for "light and light weight" gifts. Another big plus is small and light when you need to wear gifts in your suitcase because you visit them for Christmas.

I used to pack a second suitcase containing only gifts. Now that airlines are carrying baggage that may or may not be the best answer for you. Yet, it can cost less than what we send.

Christmas shopping for long-term relatives may be challenging. Although I can not make magical solutions, I hope I have given you some common sense solutions.

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