Classification of clothing

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The clothes can be divided in many ways. There is no standard for classifying clothing. However, there is an uncontested classification. Classified by sex. With this dress, you can distribute it to men, women and children in three different garments. In fact, according to use, fabric and style, different garments show different styles. And different classifications lead to different clothing names. There are many methods to follow.

First of all, according to the basic forms and structures, clothing can be divided into three ways.

The first is based on the structure of people. This type usually consists of two parts. These are the outer garments and the lower garments. The upper should be adapted to the shape of the human nipple, the lenses and the arm, while the lower waist, the bottom and the leg are fit. In addition, they must be strict with cutting and sewing. The second will not have too much restriction. This is a garment of the kind of tropical area. From this point we know it's casual. The last combines the first with the second. It has both advantages. Despite the fact that their bodies use a personalized pattern and plane form, they take over the human being as a center.

Secondly, according to craftsmanship, wear and clothing material, it is divided into two main types [19659002] For use, it is divided over the first underpants and clothes. At the same time, this type can be divided into social, daily, professional, sports and performance apparel. The second is clothing and handicrafts, such as Chinese clothing, western clothing, embroidery clothing, knitwear and so on.

Last but not least, the knitwear's production and processing characteristics include woolen knitwear and cotton knitwear. For clothing materials and rotating craftsmanship, woolen knitwear can be divided into many ways: woolen apparel, mixed fabrics and clothing, nylon clothing and so on.

There are many garment classifications that you can tell each other. However, no matter how much they are graded, they are all names that do not affect our choice. What we care about comfort and clothing materials, others are not so important

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