Complete Guide to Google Shopping

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Google Shopping is a fast and easy way to shop online for consumers. Does this mean that Google Shopping is the right way for suppliers and retailers? Is it important for low-cost or high-priced products? How easy to set up and maintain? Will you see the cost of advertising ( ROAS ) using Google Shopping or a "lossy leader" promotion to enlarge and comment customers on your site?

What is Google Shopping?
Google Shopping is the current name of the service, enabling internet users and customers to search for products and compare prices. Earlier, the service was termed "inspirational" but exact match "Google Product Search" and "Google Froogle " has the impression that users are only cheap

Google Shopping addresses potential customers' searches, short descriptions, and evaluating relevant product scores. Pictures and ads are located above natural search results

] Some people mistakenly believe that purchasing products is available through the Website Optimization (SEO) results at the Shopping Phase. Although SEO will certainly help you on the website and will definitely help you product within the shopping area, Google Shopping is NOT part of organic search results, and shopping Google Shopping is a "spin-off" or more ad mode through Google AdWords.

He said you should not let go, because you have to spend money to promote your products. Like all Google ads, when you make the settings and the right handling, Google Shopping can provide you with high return on investment and can be very valuable in generating sales.

From January 2017, merchants have a 52% click share in retailer marketing and the first time the purchase clicks exceeded the number of "text ads" clicks. If you are a retailer – Google Shopping delivers the volume.

Does Google Shopping Have a Good Return on Advertising Cost (ROAS)?
Every Known Business owner knows that the success of a successful business comes from selling at the lowest possible price. However, raising awareness or promoting your products usually costs you. This can be the cost of printing and information publishing, creating an ad, and buying TV advertising spots. If you are retail promises, simply setting up a promotional poster costs. All these costs are referred to as "advertising costs" and these are to be measured in terms of revenue or "return on income".

When you measure the yield generated directly from a poster, you may be challenged by radio or TV advertising, Google Shopping lets you measure the return on your advertising costs in small installments, allowing you to make business decisions around budgets and "return to advertising" ( ROAS ).

How to properly measure ROAS
How to measure Google's ROAS method may deviate from the normal understanding of the term. It certainly differs from the fact that the finance minister or accountant has understood the ROAS . If you set goals or goals for Shopping campaigns, it's important that you fully understand the difference between the accepted measurements.

First, let's know exactly what ROAS means in the Google AdWords program . Return to ad spend is a term Google has defined as "ads distributed by advertising spend". So, if you invest 1 pound and return 5 pounds, Google will measure it as a 500% yield. But in the financial terminology of return in a broad sense means that it was originally invested. So if you invest 1 pound and return 5 pounds, this is not a 500% yield, it's a 400% yield. Initial £ 1 back and £ 4 more revenue, to a 400% return.

So, does Google Shopping provide good ROAS?
In short, 1 pound was spent, and £ X generated from revenue is the answer "Yes". If you add cross-selling opportunities and remarketing through remarketing, the answer is "YES!"

At the beginning of 2017, Google released the "Performance Category" data for the previous 12 months. Although it looks at the US shopping market, there is no reason to doubt that similar results can not be achieved in the UK.

The percentage of ROAS (Google Metering Mode ROAS ) in all Google Shopping was 226% (Home Textile) at 993% (watches and jewelery) and on average 542% in ROAS category.

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