Convertifire Review – The best overview and huge bonus

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The Overview

Author Stefan van der

Product changes

Date started: 14.1.2014

Start time 10:10 AM EST

Niche Software

Sales page

Priced at $ 39 / month – $ 199 / yr

Refunds for 30 days No questions asked for a Money Back Guarantee

Recommended 100% recommended

Qualification level required for each level

What is conversion?

This is a next-generation conversion machine that allows you to increase your profits, including exploratory heat images and powerful behavioral footage, feedback tapes and surveys, conversion channels, and more.

What are the Convertifire's Outstanding Features? ] Heatmaps

Find out what visitors want, care and do on your site when they see clicks, feelings, and scrolling behavior – the motivation and desire of strong indicators

Behavioral Shots

Summarize your guesses by visiting visitor clicks, gossip and mouse movements, and identifying the issues you may encounter. Take control again.

Conversion hoppers

Optimizes your money maker. Optimize development and testing by identifying when visitors visit the channel

Form Analysis

Are you converting to form? Increase conversions and fill rate on your registration forms by mapping which fields are not performing

Learn the reasons for visitor behavior with surveys that can be linked to certain user recruiting jobs. Can display the whole experience.

Feedback surveys

Get into the visitor's mind. Create responsive surveys for real-time collection of responses and tools. Responses in fingerprints

Unlimited users

Call the whole team at no cost. You can easily assign the role and the right of the user.

Detection of device

works well for desktop, mobile, and tablet versions of your site. It also detects the browser size.

Use unlimited websites

Convertifire is installed and used in unlimited places and unlimited number of pages.

Installation within 30 seconds

There is no headache because it is very easy to install. Copy and paste a code line into your site.

Disable IPs

You can only get trusted data if you exclude tracking yourself or your team by blocking IPs.

Save the entire site

No iframe method that invalidates your data after we first modified our pages

Works on all sites

includes platform-safe, HMTL, WordPress, ClickFunnels, LeadPages, and Shopify.

Share your results

Easily share your heat folders, recordings, surveys, and surveys with others.

Advanced filtering

Converting data easily to your operating system, the browser you use, the reference source, and more.

Why should I buy it?

Convertifire is a good conversion tool and has more wonderful and advanced features in the market. And after using this tool, I have some of my following views:


Easy setup, works from the box. No technical headache, pink promise!


Convert your outstanding features to help you quickly and easily grow your business.


With 20 years of experience with Stefan, this tool has been created with the broad knowledge to enhance transformation and profit.


The support team works 24/7 and is willing to answer all your questions.


Convertifire is a super easy-to-use and avant-garde feedback tool that any marketer, content provider, and web developer will need at any time. Indeed, artistic compression technology is a very different way to collect data on your site. If you'd like to optimize your conversion rate in marketing, do not miss it.

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