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At Secunderabad, Parklane's walk through the famous Paradise district leads Hydeabad and Secunderabad to computer de facto PCs and laptops accessory markets, Chenoy Trade Center (or CTC, as is often mentioned, is now an area for computers in Hyderabad) . This building was originally like any traditional commercial complex that consisted mainly of clothing business. Later it became a residential building. But he soon got back to what he started – a commercial hub.

What are you looking for? This center contains all the computer peripherals you can think of. No wonder this is even compared to Lamington Road in Mumbai or Nehru Place in Delhi. The poor cousin of the CTC is in some stores in Gujarati Galli in Koti. But then nothing can be compared in the city. The market started only on hardware and assembled computers. Later this became the center of pirated software until resellers became authorized resellers. Now the complex is a one-stop shop for new purchases, maintenance and repairs. In fact, if you do not find a computer-related accessory for the CTC, it's probably not available elsewhere in the city.

Tips for Shopping …

  • Most stores offer good prices, but bargaining is not a bad idea.
  • Purchase software from authorized dealers or purchase hardware that comes with software.
  • It's always good to design a purchase and then visit this place. So our research online or the Indian computer magazine as a merchant's recommendation usually tries to prevent products that have higher commissions.
  • The market is closed on holidays and Sundays, so schedule your visits on weekdays only. 19659006] Hindi, Telugu and English work work equally efficiently so language can not be a problem.
  • Parking space is very difficult to find for cars so you have to be ready to park near Tomorrow and prepare for walking. home installations for new PC purchases.
  • Although most merchants accept credit cards, they account for 2.5% more.
  • Request a test press to refill the print cartridges.
  • Ask for a Warranty and Warranty for details.

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