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Generally, data gathering is a tool for obtaining data. In computing terminology, however, data collection is the process of merging real-world data, that is, the production of maneuverable data by the computer system. Data is in the form of waveforms or signals. These signals can be produced using various instruments and devices. The acquired data can be stored on the computer using the software provided by the manufacturer and the control is based on programming languages, such as Basic, Pascal, FORTRAN, etc., etc. It can be used.

Data acquisition systems, data or information are collected from certain sources. Data collection systems can be distinguished as follows: Serial Communication, USB, Parallel Ports and Pluggable Cards

Below is a detailed description of the various data loggers.

Signatec PDA1000: This is a data collection product developed by Signatec. The PDA100 is a 64-bit data logger that is compatible with PCI devices. The Plug and Play feature is standard on all PCI devices. The analogue bandwidth of DC-500 MHz and the speed of digitizing up to 1 MHz are extremely unique in its class. The bus he uses is a Signatec Auxiliary Bus (SAB). This bus allows you to transfer 500 MB of data every second. Multiple PDA1000 cards can be connected to the same PDA1000 DAQ card in the master slave configuration via a connecting port. There are six selectable signals, which are 200 million and maximum 3.2.

OME-PCI-1002 Series: This data collection table is manufactured by Omega. 12 bit 110 kHz analog and digital converter PCI card. The PCI card provides 32 single-ended or 16 differential inputs with 16 digital inputs and 16 digital output channels. This PCI board series provides 110 LE / s sampling rate. However, it may vary within the series, depending on whether the channels are single or multiple. Unlike the other signatures, the omega OME-PCI-1002 software package is compatible with Windows 98 / NT / 2000 / XP. This software development kit contains DLL files for high-level programming languages ​​and OCX files for Active X programming.

iOTech DaqBoard-3000 Series: This is a multifunctional data logger card with four 1MHz PCI cards. Contrary to the OME-PCI-1002 card, this card has 16 single-ended or 8 differential analog inputs that can be extended to 64 single-ended or 32 differential analog inputs. The DaqBoard-3000 series features 24 high-speed digital I / O lines. It has four 32-bit counter input channels with a square encoder. It also supports multiple DMA channels, and a USB version of this card is also available on the market.

Advantech PCI-1670: This is a high performance PCI card with GBIB interface. The PCI-1670 is fully compliant with IEEE 488.1 and 488.2 standards. It has full functionality with Windows 95/98 / NT / 2000 / XP and MS-DOS operating systems. Plug and Play automatically assigns the I / O address and provides an efficient and easy-to-use configuration utility. It also provides full support for C / C ++, C ++ Builder, Visual Basic, and Labview drivers and libraries.

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