Despite the fact that a real teak furniture is made

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If you have decided what kind of furniture you need to find in your home or yard, you might have thought it best you want. In many minds it means teak wood. But how do you know that furniture is actually teak furniture?

Since teakwood is a very expensive tree, there are some unscrupulous people who try to transfer other furniture as teak, your money. It is therefore important to know how to tell the difference between genuine teak furniture and counterfeits before you buy.

The feeling of teak

The first thing you need to know from teak is that you do not feel like other forests. Of course, as hard as wood, but if you put tea on teak, you can tell the difference from other woods. The most obvious difference is that, unlike other trees, teak is not scattered. If you rub your hand on the tree, you should quickly tell it is false. The first piece you get in your hand will be a quick signal.

Teak Smell

The next thing to help you tell whether the furniture is real teak furniture or not, its smell. Many things have a strange odor. The skin in a new car is a good example of one of the fragrances that you know is the right one to hit your nose. In teak furniture, you smell a smell of very light smell from wood. It is a scent of earth, but other than freshly cut forests. Teak is the odor of oils that are heavily embedded in the woods.

Teak color

Teak is different from other wood because it essentially changes its gaze. Most of the forests change because they live only when they offer external stimuli. For example, a dark wood may relax if you leave it in the sun. This is not the change of tree itself, but the sun's radius, which has a whitening effect on the forest.

Teak is different. No matter what your environment is, teak changes your colors unless you stop. If you leave the day, teakwood colors change from soft browns, oranges to whites and whites, almost in the way someone can produce white hair. On the other hand, teak left in or inside the shade becomes darker brown and orange over time. Either way, you should be able to identify the teak tree with the beautiful grains in the woods.

Usually teak furniture is the manufacturer you say, but if you want to buy a private sale or antique shop, then it is best to know the characteristics of the tree to make sure you get the real thing.

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