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Do you have a shopping disorder?

To find out, answer the following questions: yes or no. Is a shopping trip raising the mood?

2. If you find something that fits, buy in all colors?

3. Do you have any trash, cabinet, or warehouse that contains unknown objects?

4. Is your credit card available on purchases?

5. Did you hide the products you bought from your loved one when you purchased them?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, there is a shopping disorder.

Do you know about shopping habits?


Add one or two items to your shopping cart when it's on the checkout line?

Diagnosis: If so, you are a pulse buyer. It may be motivated by anxiety or boredom.

Before you buy it: you lose yourself. Send a text message to a friend. Be breathing. Imagine all the money you save if you resist the urge to buy the items in front of you. Observe if your impulse drops when you are distracted.


Have you ever seen a commodity in a store but did not buy it – and I remember from time to time? 19659002] Yes?

Diagnosis: You are a visiting customer.

Before you buy: Most buyers purchase after a while. Use the time you can compare your visitor purchase with a cheaper product at a price; do something; or to see a show


Do you have the most advanced technology tool?


Diagnosis: You're the geek buyer. 19659002] Before buying: Think about whether you really need the item. Use a scale system on a scale of 1-10 (10 which means a necessity – the element that desperately needs your life to function – like a toothbrush and an element that is so good around it but rarely (such as heart rate monitor used for the dog around the block)). Replace any item that is less than 8. Give a few days and see if you remember to buy the item. Use the money that a loved one had spent with something fun as a reward because he did not buy the item. Repeat every time you get the geek urge.


If you buy the Costco, you can stock everything on the packages of five or more?


Diagnosis: You

Before buying: Pull it into the shopping basket in a quiet corner of the shop and watch your purchases hard. Think about the items you buy. Do you really use all these things? Will you take too many places in your home? Do you get a superstar for bulk shopping or do you just get a great excitement from buying a lot of stuff? Would you be satisfied if you returned half of the items? Try. You may be surprised. It rewards you to withstand the grace of grace.

The Emotional Shopper

Go to Therapeutic Shopping When You Feel It?

Yes? buy: log in and think about why you feel. Maybe a walk to clean your head or some kind of journaling can be useful as a new T-shirt that you do not really love? Try to make others like buying until you feel better. Reward yourself for resisting the urge to buy if you want a pedicure or pampering.


The most important question to ask yourself is why do you buy so many things? Remember, if everything is special, then nothing special. We all deserve to have something special in our lives, but sometimes the things bought will replace the best things of life – those who are free like love. So, think before you buy it and see if you notice any change in your life and relationships.

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