Do you suffer from addiction to shopping?

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Will you offer your releases? Or do you have a prisoner or a purchase? Research shows that buying dependence primarily affects women, while alcoholism affects people. Items that are included in the women's shopping list include dresses, make-ups and jewelery.

You may have an internet shopping addiction to spend most of your online shopping for seductive products that look just like mouse clicks. If the only channel you see on your TV is your home network, you would be in danger of buying a home network's purchase dependency.

The causes of shopping addiction

Shopoholics come from an addictive behavior like shopping. During the purchase, endorphins and dopamine, typically occurring in the brain, become involved in opiate receptors to make people feel good. The more beautiful this feeling is, the person is likely to buy more. "

The privileged appearance of these compelling shopping malls shows similar objects to each other – so that customers can pick up what they want or deserve, not what they need to completely forget the fact that one money at all

Shopping addiction is rooted for complex psychological reasons: shopping can only be a means of loss of consciousness from the reality of life and its accompanying problem – anger, depression, anxiety, boredom, or loneliness. just seems to have some immediate relief.The long-term effects of shopping addiction include debt and damage to close ties

Like most addiction, shopping addiction can be the result of trying to fill a blank for material things in life, and only temporary happiness.

Managing compulsory purchase is like any other addiction. Customer dependency can be handled with psychotropic medications and counseling.

Here are some simple tips for returning from shopping addiction:

  • Be honest and admit that you have a problem.
  • Take professional help and talk to your wise and empathetic, non-alcoholic friends who offer unbiased moral support and positive encouragement to increase addiction.
  • Find out a budget and fix a fixed amount that can be spent on your personal purchase. Categorize items on shopping lists with the help of the needs of the therapist using necessities, comforts and luxuries. Try to minimize the cost of the luxury expense and carefully check the purchase of convenience.
  • Using the mental healthcare professional, he identifies all stages of the compulsory buying cycle – triggering factors, feelings, dysfunctional thoughts, typical behaviors, and consequences. Try to break the vicious circle of shopping circles.
  • Try to keep a credit card and debit card for the emerging market. These cards only add fuel to your purchase dependency. In fact, deleting these will not be a bad idea.
  • Do not sign up for a purchase catalog. Do not even visit the sales or discount stores because you can spend more on the long run. Avoid purchasing programs on TV and try not to invade advertising in magazines and newspapers. Move your attention if you find such ads. Avoid buying a window, as you have long since bought what you want, but you can not afford it.
  • Keep yourself busy all day with work and various other hobbies. Do not let the purchase be the main or just the hobby.
  • Try to get out of bed. Understand that the money-saving tool will help you buy a product your family wants in the future-a house or a car-or in an emergency and dry days.

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