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As carers, we all love it, especially in this economy. Buying in one of the dollar buys (Dollar Store, Dollar Tree, 99 Cent Store etc.) It's a bit cramped for your monthly home budget and takes care of the budget.

The most important thing to keep in mind when buying these discount stores is that they do not consider the high quality of their grocery stores. So you have to be careful what you buy.

Cleansing Products are a good value for money in US dollars. And if you meet a brand name that you trust, go ahead and pick it up.

Generally speaking, bleach is a whitening bleach, and most other cleaning agents contain the same ingredients as brand names. (Veronica Bright on the Hub pages found that they found a wonderful cleaner named Mean Green in the Dollar Store, which she says is amazing!) Sponges are generally a good buy. Greeting Cards find a big dollar store. Branding cards can cost up to $ 5, and in dollars you can find up to fifty cents. I set up "cards like home-based books" to never stay without a perfect card. I found some very nice and well-made gift bags and pieces of paper. The tape was not necessarily a bargain. Food Storage Tanks are cheaper, and because of my experience, they keep grocery brands. I buy aluminum foil-type bins to use for inflorescences and deliver temple food. I saw a tortilla warmer for a dollar. School Supplies are cheaper at stores such as Target and Wallmart when selling a school, but when you find that you need a placard in January, it is much better to pay a dollar than $ 3.79 which is in other stores It would cost. Two types of headset sets are $ 1.00 compared to $ 2.50 and $ 3.00 for office buildings.

The movie night candy can be expensive, especially when bought in the theater. Dollar shops carry candy in "film size" containers. Although most sugars will not deteriorate quickly, it is still a good idea to check the date of the experiment. Children's shoes are actually a good buy because their feet grow so fast. Summer sandals and slides are a particularly enjoyable occasion and can be a fun gift for grandchildren.

Picture Frames are fairly expensive at the malls. If you're lucky, you can find some honesty in the dollar store.

The Beetles is a great hit. You can only buy a large amount of one dollar (we hate the tiny 4 oz glasses that will not allow you to breathe or swirl the wine) strong bottles of red and white wines. Now I do not support the supply of giant wine glasses, but until the 80's, my dad liked the wine and still felt an excellent taste. There are no wires in these, but maybe I can do a little research about it. Jeff Yeager, author of "The Cheapskate Next Door", Spices is a good buy. I agree with you if you are not too selective. It is difficult to crush paprika or parsley, but there are other spices that are of better quality. Remember to check expiration dates.

Books and Special CDs are two of my favorite hits. I found some great readings and some nice inspirational books for just a dollar – great souvenirs. CDs, relaxing music or bubble baths are often found on vacation CDs – just do not expect well-known artists.

Seasonal items are good purchases if you have not bought the previous year's out-of-season sale. Make sure painted (especially ceramic) can contain lead. [19650000] Don & # 39; ts

Overdose Medicines And Vitamins – Shopping, I Do not Do It. As I have previously thought, dollar retailers are not so regulated and Consumer Reports have stated that certain vitamins do not have the amount of nutrients they have claimed to be on the label. (19459003) except coloring books). I can not trust the quality. – Many of the items in the dollar business are made of carbon zinc, as opposed to lithium, so they do not last long. Leaking zinc can also leak, thus damaging the electronics.

Plastic and Aluminum Claddings – One dollar for 25 feet of aluminum foil is just not a good deal.

and Pet Toys – Again this lack of regulation and in my opinion is due to the whimsical nature of the product.

– Costco is cheaper, Amazon is even more. ] Pumpkins and kitchen towels – They are too thin and do not protect against burns or are very absorbent. [19645002] Socks – NOT soft. I will say iVillage does not agree with me and recommends a good buy. (19459004) $ 1 for $ 1 $ 1.00. I've seen them in Nordstrom for $ 5.95.) One of them is in the car to quickly wipe the throat before the doctors' appointments or church service.

Power Cables – Still in my opinion of poor quality and can damage the electronics, but ribbons, sandpaper, ribbon and bungee cords are good.

– Sodas are cheaper elsewhere.

Baby Items – No regulation (I've never seen a diaper.)

Perishables – YES AND NO A bunch of green bulbs for $ 1 is not a theft if it can be bought elsewhere in 79. But once I found a giant ginger packet for 99, I found some large gourmet caramel popcorn with almonds and some chocolates (usually bought for packaging for $ 3.00). it's got the usual supermarket prices, and there's a brand you trust, keep up and buy. Again, check expiration dates.

Body Care Articles are fine, but worth checking out. Shampoo is a decent search, like scouring / luffa. For example, Chapstick and Vaseline, and very popular soap (Yardley oatmeal and almond) are almost always available in dollars. Nail files, combs, and floss sticks are valuable. (can be too weak and dangerous), make-up (lack of regulation) and makeup removers I just tell UGH? 19659002] Remember that many dollar-type stores accept coupons, so do not forget to take them.

What are your favorite hits?

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