DR Secret Skin Care Products Review – Is DR Secret Really Functioning?

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DR Secret skin care product is manufactured in the USA but is located in Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong. Asian people are known to have thicker skin, so normal skin care products for Europeans are not suitable.

DR Secret is not a medical product, as many people have seen, but "DR" means "Dermatological Revolution" this product is the "secret of the dermatological revolution" The basic package consists of 5 items: cleansing, dye, skin, skin rash and sunscreen

The product works by "hungry" natural nutrients such as A-, E to skin dermis and repair damaged skin cells to improve blood circulation on the skin and allow skin regeneration.

In Asian countries, where the weather is hot and wet all year, you'll be blessed if you have normal skin. It is caused by warm and humid weather and exacerbates acne in some people, especially during hormonal changes in adolescents.

A steady rise in hot days has caused many adults too freckles and pigmentation on the skin due to excess melanin production. It is a natural reaction of the skin to protect it from ultraviolet radiation.

Many people thought they were safe while they were not directly exposed to the sun. However, many studies have shown that lighting even in offices is one of the major sources of ultraviolet radiation that can damage our skin.

There are currently a number of branded skincare products on the market, such as SKII, Shiseido, Clinique, which does a good job of maintaining your skin's health if you do not have a lot of skin problems. However, if you have serious problems such as acne, freckles or pigmentation, you may want to look at other alternatives as well.

This is because when your skin has problems, for example Acne, sebaceous glands that are over-stimulated Androgens produce more tears where the hair follicle becomes clogged and results in acne. You will need a good product to control oil production so that your skin is not too dry or too greasy.

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