DVR hidden spy camcorder audio product review

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The idea of ​​a hidden camera is to hide it in a "plain sight" as they say. The more obvious the object is, the better it is. These are simply the onboard cameras (a fixed lens mounted on a circuit board) that are 1.25 "x 1.25" inserted in the object used. Little eh? Not anymore!

These cameras are still very effective for many applications. But now there is a new generation of hidden cameras using the latest technology.

This technology is so good! What about a pen that says it's a working camcorder? Audio and mini DVR and a thumb drive. ALL PEN!

A thumb drive is a portable memory card for the size of the thumb that fits into any USB port that sends data from one device to another.

This super small spy detector acts as a DVR to record audio and video in a flash memory (2 GB) for transmission whenever you want. No driver or external power is required. It is charged in the wall and connected to the computer.

A stylish ballpoint pen with replaceable standard ballpoint refill, perfect for "body-worn applications". It is perfect for business and personal use.

You can record a total of two hours with a full upload. Then, the recordings can then be downloaded via high-speed USB 2.0 to your PC for viewing and storage.

How hard is it?

High-sensitivity microphone can record sound clearly within the 15-meter range. The camera is 2 million pixels.

This super video hidden video is the latest surveillance tool on the market. It is charged in the wall and connected to the computer.

The gift box contains a viewing software CD.

If you want the latest hidden spy cameras – that's it!

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