eFoods Global, Product Review

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eFoods Global, chaired by Steve Shenk, CEO and founder, is an emergency food and commodity company that enjoys a great deal of food storage. EFoods Global has recently changed its name from Sundance Global, but essentially offers the same products. This is a good opportunity for those who own a home based business.

There is a very spectacular web site that explains who and what they are doing. They also offer useful food storage tips, product descriptions, and even recipes.

This is a multi-level marketing company and uses IBOs or independent contractors to market this product. The compensation plan is easy to understand and very competitive with other MLM compensation plans. Their site explains how the tasks work, and how the "passive" income will continue to work.

IBOs initially receive prizes based on their own sales of goods. Further income or "residual" income comes from recruits from the sale of products. The recruits will be signed for you, the Independent Business Owner to eFoods Global, and your income is somewhat dependent on your income, so it goes downhill.

For eFoods Global, eFoods Globes definitely fit the bill. The audience obviously jumps on the food storage ribbon. It is stated that this gives a sense of security and it is a common sense to try to keep up with the rising cost of goods and services. This product / service is used by the public.

Such sales have a strong income growth potential. The problem of limited income potential is the inclusion of new IBOs. Since neither of us knows the number of people in your circles to participate in such a large number is the best and most effective way to reach the people you will need to access the Internet. Knowing about online marketing and the potential clientele about product or business is the key to success. Some on-line marketing skills are needed to attract high traffic to support your site. If you do not have these basic skills, then a good on-line marketing training program is required to get started. They are advertised online, just make sure that your homework and go for a reputable program.

As you begin any new business, be sure to get all the information about eFoods before committing yourself to joining your business. Go to their website and make sure you understand the products you want to sell and the compensation plan. This seems to be a dynamic company that has invested fully in the products they sell and in the global community.

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