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Electronic Watchdog is a product that loves homeowners, homeowners, RV owners, small business owners, factories, warehouse owners and mobile residents, and all their insurance agents. Why? The reason is simple – the product intimidates potential intruders with the sound of a barking dog.

Officials in the police in the country agree that the voice of a barking dog is a great deal deterrent to the burglary of the house. Nearly every police force agrees that home alerts will also prevent theft. Electronic Watchdog offers both.

Remember that a real estate crime occurs every 15 seconds every three seconds. These kinds of crime are growing, overturning the national trend.

This barky dog ​​alarm can be best for money when it comes to home security.


Watchdog, when he "sees" through thick doors, walls and glasses away from the 30's. After a movement is detected, a barking dog begins to sound. As the intruder gets closer, barking increases the frequency and intensity.

You can change this useful tool to another setting when guests are waiting for comforting sounds for nature.

Easy to use. No maintenance. No installation problems – just plug in. And it's best not to feed or walk.

As a bonus as the people who live in bear countries can also certify this electronic miracle works well with bullying bears and other animals in the garden.

The average value of stolen goods from home burglary is around $ 1600.00 and rises annually. So if you want to keep yours, ask yourself a barking dog alert and calm down.

At $ 99.00, sometimes it's the best value for home, business, home, or trailer security. Bring yourself an electronic guard and another "BEST PURCHASE".

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